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frank124c's Blog

    • Bobby Fisher

      Bobby Fisher is the greatest genius who ever lived. To him we owe the time delay clocks, the 960 variant of chess, and collections of great games. Many of those who badmouth him  have no compunction to collecting large sums of money when they win... | Read More

    • Midwood Chess Club

      Just thought I would remind everyone that while there is snow and ice on the streets of Brooklyn the Midwood Chess Club remains open and it is worth your while to come to the Midwood Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library to enjoy over the board, f... | Read More

    • Backwards Knight Capture

      Backward captures are often hard to see. When we replay a game or look at a diagram they seem simple enough but under the pressure of actually playing a game we can easily overlook them. Here's  a short but sharp example. | Read More

    • The Dagger

      One of the most important factors in chess is pawn structure. When you play an opening what you are doing is setting up a specific pawn structure and when you play positionally you are largely basing your play on pawn structure. Thus you need to k... | Read More

    • Queen's Gambit Accepted Trap #1

      | Read More

    • Alan Turing Pardoned

      Alan Turing was the inventor of the modern electronic computer. The purpose of his invention was to break the German code during WW2 so that the British air force could shoot down the German bombers who were attacking England and killing countless... | Read More

    • Queen's Gambit Declined--Semi-Slav Defense Trap 3

      White was doing well until he accepted the Knight sacrifice on move 12. In chess greed should not be your creed! | Read More

    • Exchanging Pieces

      Vera Menchik thought she could draw against the great Capablance by exchanging pieces and going into a drawish endgame. She didn't realize that Capablanca was very, very good at endgames! The general idea in exchanging pieces is to gain some advan... | Read More

    • Trap In The English Opening

      | Read More

    • Great Knight Outpost

      Nimzovich said the Queen's Knight is best positioned on d5. This game illustrates the point. If anyone has games that illustrate this point further please do send them in.  | Read More