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    • What Are The Best Chess Videos Available?

      Chess videos are available throughout the internet. Some are free, such as the ones on YouTube and some require that you pay a small membership fee in order to view, such as the ones on and ICC. The YouTube videos are mostly pretty good... | Read More

    • Chess Books

      As you know more and more physical books are being replaced by ebooks. While many people are still buying physical books, many others are switching over to the ebooks. If you are one of those who are in the process of switching over and are thinki... | Read More

    • Russia

      Chess is truth. You cannot perpetuate a lie on the chessboard. If you make a false move and you are playing a smart enough chess player you will be found out and you will be punished. And up until recently Russia has given us the best chess player... | Read More

    • Dan Heisman's Videos

      Dan Heisman has some great videos on ICC available to paying members of ICC. The videos on seem to have problems in that they are either too simple or too difficult for me, a mere intermediate player. Heisman's videos are great for my le... | Read More

    • Free Chess Movies

      Why spend money on Netflix or Amazon Prime when you can watch movies for free! I have discovered that if you go to YouTube and type in Browse Free Movies you can find quite a collection of movies that you can watch at no charge. Not only that but ... | Read More

    • Icelandic Gambit--Trap #2

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    • Icelandic Gambit--Trap

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    • Portable Apps For Chess

      I have found a website that is of interest to chessplayers since it contains a long list of free programs, some of which are very helpful to us. URL is Some of the revelant programs are: Lucas Chess--An excellent... | Read More

    • Icelandic Gambit

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    • Scandinavian Trap #3

      20. If hxg4 hxg4+ 21.Kg1 Rh1#; 20.Kg1 Nxh3# One of 6 blindfold games played simultaneously by Lasker at Basingstoke. I am looking for more Scandinavian traps, if you have any do send them in! | Read More