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    • Off to Charlotte, NC

      Hi everyone.  I'm going to be working in Charlotte, NC once again from January 18-May 18, 2016 (or so). I will be working at the Charlotte Chess Center teaching classes Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.     I will be available for private less... | Read More

    • New blog -

      Hi all, I am moving my blog to Come there and follow all things chess! Ben | Read More

    • Arch Bishops Play LA Vibe Tonight!

      Hi everyone, Tonight we play the LA Vibe.  We are huge favorites on boards 1-2 and about even on board 3, and big underdogs on the last board. Most likely, we will win 2.5-1.5. The Vibe can no longer make the playoffs, and our team is hampered ... | Read More

    • Arch Bishops win 3-1

      The Saint Louis Arch Bishops won 3-1 against the Atlanta Kings with all games being decisive. Wesley So was the first to finish, winning a very nice game against GM Alonzo Zapata. Afterwards, I told him it was his most important victory ever! ... | Read More


      The Saint Louis Arch Bishops play the Atlanta Kings tonight at 8PM ET.  Here are the matchups. Hopefully my pic will scare my opponent some?  :)    St. Louis Arch Bishops (4.5 - 2.5) vs Atlanta Kings (3.5 - 3.5)  All Time Series Record: (T... | Read More

    • Arch Bishops - USCL

      Hi everyone, Since I got rid of my other blog on the internets, I will start to blog here regularly. I will be playing in the US Chess League this week.  We had a disappointing result last week, beating the worst team by only a score of 3-1.  ... | Read More

    • RIP - Ronald Finegold - 1937-2014

      My dad passed away this morning after a long illness:RIP - Ronald Finegold, April 5, 1937 - July 15, 2014. He was 77. He played Bobby Fischer in 1963. He and my mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary March 3, 2014. His last USCF rated game... | Read More

    • 2600

      I won a game today in the Ladder Day Saturday at the CCSCSL, so, I am once again 2600!  MUCH better than that silly 2599... yuck! I am on a roll, winning 22 consecutive slow rated games.  I need to find more players Under 1600, maybe Under 1500... | Read More

    • 2599

      Recently, my USCF rating rose to 2599 (arrgh!) as I have won 21 consecutive USCF rated games.  I have not been 2600 in over 2 years, and, with the 2014 Bill Wright Saint Louis Open coming up next weekend, I may be 2600 very soon, or possibly neve... | Read More

    • March Knights

      The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) has a month long tournament every month, with one round per week Monday night at 7PM. This month, March, has a great tourney, with almost 20 participants, and an unusual 5 rounds (!) as... | Read More