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greg_crawley's Blog

    • Queen Sac, Mate

      From a 5 minute game. One of the few times where tactics trainer's obsession with queen sacks was actually helpful. | Read More

    • Season 2, Round 2

      So my second season on the ERA 'G' squad has begun.  I won round one, round two did not go so well.  Had a fight where I managed to equalize quite quickly, and achieve a slightly superior position.   The game liquidated to an end game quite qui... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Round 4

        Finally got to play a Sicilian in the tournament.  I didn't feel my game was quite at the level it's been the last few, but I did manage to squeak out a victory.     Despite the win, the day was a loss, as my car was towed during the matc... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Round 3

      This was a very enjoyable battle.  My opponent had a space and activity advantage for most of the game, but I defended well, and introduced complications when able.  I secured a strong advantage, which I quickly squandered under time pressure. ... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Finals, Round 1

      My most recent tourney game.  I nursed a small space advantage throughout the game.  My opponent struggled to find a solid plan, and ended getting into time pressure.  The time control was hour and thirty minutes each, with no add on, and by mo... | Read More

    • Team Tournament Game 2

      My team here in Prague organizes a tournament for the members in the off season.  I had actually already lost my game to Jiri as I didn't show up at our scheduled game due to a misunderstanding on my part.  Fortunately, Jiri is a good guy, an... | Read More

    • Final Round, Season 1

      Up against a tough opponent yesterday.  She was an older lady who clearly had tons of experience and the ability to play quickly when needed.  It was the first time I was behind on the time control for most of the game and it certainly wore on m... | Read More

    • Round 10

        We were up against an undefeated team yesterday and, unfortunately, we couldn't serve up their first lost.  I was able to win a pretty decent game after taking a risk early that paid dividends. Ok, so another win against someone just under 1... | Read More

    • Rapid tournament

        First wednesday of every week, there's a great rapid tournament at a local coffee shop here in prague.  15 minute time control.  Generally there's quite a strong field, but this week was particularly strong (including some titled players) so ... | Read More

    • Round 9

      This was an interesting match, more for the environment than the game itself.  Our opponents were all visually impaired.  My opponent was an older woman who was blind, and played using a specialized board that allowed her to feel the position. ... | Read More