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    • Two nice mates in best of 5

      Played  a best of 5 against another player, and had two really fun mating patterns.  Posting it mainly for memory sake :) In this one he resigned when there was forced mate, unfortunately -- but after this position he can't stop Qh7+,... | Read More

    • Pizza Showdown

      A casual game at a pizza parlor.  Once again, I manage to miscalculate during a winning position in the early middle game.  I have to break this habit.  | Read More

    • Viktor Korchnoi's Blindfold Blunder

       New post looks at a couple of Korchnoi's games against Kamsky and Polgar from a 1994 blindfold tournament. | Read More

    • Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

      Third round in an already dissapointing season. I've managed a draw, and two losses so far.  Moving up to the second table has not been good for my results. In all games, however, I've had large advantages which I was unable to convert. The most ... | Read More

    • Queen Sac, Mate

      From a 5 minute game. One of the few times where tactics trainer's obsession with queen sacks was actually helpful. | Read More

    • Season 2, Round 2

      So my second season on the ERA 'G' squad has begun.  I won round one, round two did not go so well.  Had a fight where I managed to equalize quite quickly, and achieve a slightly superior position.   The game liquidated to an end game quite qui... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Round 4

        Finally got to play a Sicilian in the tournament.  I didn't feel my game was quite at the level it's been the last few, but I did manage to squeak out a victory.     Despite the win, the day was a loss, as my car was towed during the matc... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Round 3

      This was a very enjoyable battle.  My opponent had a space and activity advantage for most of the game, but I defended well, and introduced complications when able.  I secured a strong advantage, which I quickly squandered under time pressure. ... | Read More

    • Team Tournament, Finals, Round 1

      My most recent tourney game.  I nursed a small space advantage throughout the game.  My opponent struggled to find a solid plan, and ended getting into time pressure.  The time control was hour and thirty minutes each, with no add on, and by mo... | Read More

    • Team Tournament Game 2

      My team here in Prague organizes a tournament for the members in the off season.  I had actually already lost my game to Jiri as I didn't show up at our scheduled game due to a misunderstanding on my part.  Fortunately, Jiri is a good guy, an... | Read More