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kamalakanta's Blog

    • On Bronstein's style...and the Stonewall

      Recently, GM David Smerdon published a letter on chessvibes titled " An Open Letter To The Stonewall". It is a very heartfelt letter in which he is deciding never to play the Stonewall again. Botvinnik used to play it with some success, and today,... | Read More

      • kamalakanta
      • | Sep 30, 2012
    • Three Games by Petrosian- Bringing the king to safety....

      Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (1929-1984) was a unique genius in chess. He won the World Champion title by defeating Botvinnik in 1963. Petrosian had a mysterious style. After Spassky lost his first WC match against Petrosian in 1966, Botvinnk ask... | Read More

    • Mirroring the Opponent's Opening, Centralizing and Setting Traps

      In a tournament in Puerto Rico in 1983, I had Black against Manuel Moraza, ex-champion of my country and a very strong player. I had not played actively in 5 years, and this was the last round of a 5-round weekend Swiss. So I played his favorite T... | Read More

    • Attacking a "Solid" Opponent

      In 2011 I played 3 games ijn the Icelandic Chess Club Team Championship. These were the last 3 rounds of the tournament, played at the beginning of March in Reykjavik. Just before this round, I asked my dear friend Suren Torfi Leosson about my op... | Read More

    • Shortest Win

      This game was played in the 1977 Finals of the Puerto Rico Chess Championship. I had been playing chess for 5 years, and this was my peak! My opponent played a dubious opening, and I capitalized.... Our game was over in about 10 minutes! I look... | Read More

    • Playing in the zone

      In 1975, after playing chess for 3 years, I qualified for the Finals of the Puerto Rico Chess Championship. It was, if I remember correctly, either an 8 or 12 player round-robin. I placed 4th. The first 3 places qualified for the Zonal Tournament... | Read More

    • Too Tired To Win

      Hi! In this third and final game from the Icelandic Chess Club Team Championships, I had difficulty in finding an effective plan against my opponent's setup. He used the Petrosian Variation in the Winawer French (C16). I came up with a dubious pla... | Read More

    • A Nervous Opponent

      Hi! This is my 2nd game in the Icelandic Chess Club Champioships a few weeks ago. My opponent sat at the board, and he had an almost angry look on his face, which I could not read quite well- did not know what it meant. Again, I had White, but wa... | Read More

    • Uncharted Territory

       A few weeks ago I went to Iceland. My good friend and brother, Suren, invited me to be a part of the Reykjavik Club Team. In Iceland, they play the Chess Club Team Championship in two parts- a few rounds in the fall, and the last 3 in March, ju... | Read More