The Most Dangerous Move(s)--Part 2

I do solemnly swear that I won't be too wordy in this blog.Foot in Mouth

The premise from Part I was that (in many cases) the most dangerous moves are the one or two moves the players make after leaving the opening. Here's your chance to solve some puzzles and look over some otherwise mildly interesting games at the same time. The point remains the same, the first one or two moves after leaving the book can be perilous to your health...tread gently all who trespass there without knowledge of how to play the middle game that results from an opening


 The first puzzle was a training game, offered to help a junior player spot weaknesses in his game. Other games he played were much better, but this one clearly fits into the category of, "Danger, Will Robinson--you have left the opening and are about to dieSurprised."

 This game has similarly disastrous results--the player of the Black pieces can't seem to make a good move starting with their first move upon leaving the book lines

 The next puzzle starts out with an extremely simple goal (material), but morphed into a significant attack due to errors on White's part (last 3 moves of game not presented in puzzle...not much to be learned there)







 The simplest puzzle yet...White steps away from book lines, and his first move loses material at best, subsequent futile gestures lose even more...he resigns shortly.

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