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robbie_1969’s Blog

    • Chess Trek

      A presentation of a fun game of chess played between robbie_1969 and Miss Sharon Carter.  It features some interesting tactics including a queen sacrifice and what is known in chess as a windmill, where the rook reaches the seventh rank and in co... | Read More

    • Bronsteins Chess Dream

      Have you ever dreamt about chess? While many players take visualisation seriously very few have even claimed to have had a chess dream and been able to remember the moves that they have made upon wakening. It has been alleged and even printed in c... | Read More

    • Pawn structure Chess

      One of the greatest books to have actually made a discernible impact on my chess strength is the legendary book, Pawn Structure Chess, By GM Andrew Soltis.  In it he takes about sixteen well known pawn configurations and explains with reference t... | Read More

    • How to combat the Berlin Defence

      Wonderful video analysis on how to combat the Berlin defence by Chess Precession - check it out. | Read More

    • Play against the bishop pair

      While its generally accepted that the bishop pair may constitute an advantage there may be many other dynamics in a chess position which has some bearing, for example, 1.positions where the bishops advantages may be neutralised by other weaknesse... | Read More

    • Chess Strategy: Advantage of two Bishops

      It is the common perception in chess that two Bishops are stronger than other combinations of minor pieces.  Yes such is not always the case.  What are the factors underlying the two bishops advantage?  The following games highlight some of the... | Read More

    • Breaking your opponents balance

      If an opponent pushes against you and you push back or try to hold your ground, you are resisting him.  In this situation, the stronger person will win.  However, if you yield to him and pull him in the direction he is pushing, you can easily ... | Read More

    • chess master v chess amateur

      Chess video presentation of game eight from the book Chess master v chess amateur by former world champion Max Euwe. In this game the Chess Master is able to convert an advantage in space and development into a material advantage and although th... | Read More

    • Simple Chess: Space (Fischer v Gheorghiu) 1970

      Space can be a difficult strategic concept to get a handle on in a game of chess. Every pawn structure has the capacity to house a quota of pieces, exceed that quota and your position will 'feel', cramped, over extend and your pieces may lose mo... | Read More

    • 20/20 chess calculation for beginners

      Chess video looking at the process of calculation and how it can be utilized to evaluate positions in a chess game.1. We ascertain candidate moves from the most forcing moves in the position, a) checks (the most forcing)b) captures c) attacking ... | Read More