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robbie_1969’s Blog

    • Test your positional play #2

      In chess we are taught to think in general terms and act in a concrete way, often though its the synthesis of elements which fail us and we pursue a wrong positional plan.  In the following there are three plausible scenarios based on positional... | Read More

    • Test your positional play #1

      Its somewhat of an art form to be able to accurately analyse a chess position and to formulate the correct plan for its not always clear.  At the moment I am reading the truly excellent book authored by Robert Bellin and Pietro Ponzeto, 'Test you... | Read More

    • Endgame Brilliancy GM Serper v GM Nakamura

      A fortress in chess may be a relatively easy concept to understand, but to create one is an entirely different matter. In the game excerpt GM Grigory Serper does just that in a 2005 United States championship match with GM Hikaru Nakamura.   F... | Read More

    • How to beat up a FIDE Master in under 1 min.

      It is not everyday that a common garden variety type of patzer like myself gets a request from a USCF Expert rated player to feature one or two of his games on ones somewhat insignificant youtube chess channel.   It came as a relief if I am hone... | Read More

    • Hou Yifan v Vladimir Kramnik, Dortmund 2015

      As amateur player we have a tendency to look for killer moves, which is in itself the correct approach because probably the vast majority of our games are decided by tactical means.  We may also have a tendency to sharpen the game either because ... | Read More

    • GM Walter Browne tribute

      I remember watching Walter Browne on the BBC's Master game. He was possibly the most intense chess player I had ever observed, entirely serious and focused.  In time trouble he was about to promote and suddenly realised that there was not an extr... | Read More

    • The 2 most important thinking methods in chess

      I recently took a free internet chess course entitled the ten day chess challenge being offered by a website chessfox.com and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding little courses that I have taken.  You simply enter your email addre... | Read More

    • Kings Indian, bayonet attack.

      In KID usually blacks set up is to keep the position closed and to try to mate white before he gets his queen-side attack going. Whites idea in the Mar del Plata Bayonet attack is very dynamic, to induce black to give up the bishop pair and to se... | Read More

    • Material v Piece Co-ordination

      Chess is without doubt a team game whereby all the pieces cooperate with one another as the march of logic progresses to complete the ultimate task of checkmate.  It is as far as I can discern generally understood that even if there is a material... | Read More

    • The Grand Prix Attack

      One of the attractions of The Grand Prix Attack playing against the Sicilian defence is that its direct, dynamic and straightforward to play.  White according to his pawn set up and configuration may go in for either a closed centre with pawns on... | Read More