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robbie_1969’s Blog

    • English opening: Reversed GPA

      | Read More

    • Morphy at zee Opera (The Dukes version)

      The real story of the worlds most famous chess game   | Read More

    • Chess Gym : Rook file tactics_2

      Chess lesson and video : National Master Rene Phillips once again explores the potential risks and dangers of buying a house in an unsafe neighbourhood! and castling with your king into a place where a rook file is open or likely to open!  Check ... | Read More

    • Queen pawn tactics

      Chess lesson and video: NM Rene Phillips dispels the myth that Queen pawn openings are for the most part essentially positional in nature and demonstrates that even out of the relatively quiet waters of queen pawn openings tactics are lurking in t... | Read More

    • NM Rene Phillips - Nakamura v Krasenkow

      NM Rene Phillips - Nakamura v Krasenkow Barecelona 2007 National Master Rene Philips provides awesome commentery on this unbelievable game.  From, a resonably quite opening fireworks begin and Naka sacrifices his queen in a thoroughly beautiful m... | Read More

    • Rook File tactics

      Rook file tactics: Chess lesson and video in which NM Rene Philips takes us through an explosive and entertaining introduction into opening the rook file for tactics.  NM Phillips commentary and chess wisdom is based upon real life experience as... | Read More

    • Dragondorf revisited

      Greetings my chess friends.  I have for some time been engaged in making some little chess videos mostly for my own amusement and for disseminating what little knowledge I have gleaned of chess over the past few years.  The problems, apart from ... | Read More

    • beginner strategy - passed pawns

      Greetings and a thousand salaams dear chess friends, a passed pawn is considered to be a strong pawn, a protected passed pawn even stronger.  How does one create a passed pawn?  Are all pawn majorities advantageous?  How does one play against a... | Read More

    • Beginner chess strategy - doubled pawns

      Video explores both the strengths and weakneses of doubled pawns and provides an insight in how to play against them, illustrate games include Bronstein v Tartakower 1948 (below) and Morozeivich v Bezgodov 1998, if you find the lesson and the vi... | Read More

    • Learn chess openings - NO THEORY

      If one plays 1.e4 there is a plethora of replies that may ensue, from the Caro Kaan to the Pirc or Modern, not to mention lots in between.  For the improving player it is a somewhat bewildering task to learn chess opening theory and time would be... | Read More