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    • Analysing the position - Tactical Element

      As amatuer players the vast majority of our games will be decided because of a tactical element, because tactics are ultimately decisive. It makes sense therefore that we scan the position for tactics first and foremost.  Although we tend to thi... | Read More

    • Analysing the position - Dynamic Element

      If a chess position contains no clear static strategic elements and we cannot create any in a few moves then we need to rely on the dynamic strategic element in this case. If we think of the position at the beginning of a game of chess there are ... | Read More

    • Analysing the position - Static element

      Every chess position contains two elements, a strategic element and a tactical element. Normally as amateur players our first instinct is to scan the board for tactical elements and this is surely the correct procedure because tactics are usually ... | Read More

    • Test your positional play #2

      In chess we are taught to think in general terms and act in a concrete way, often though its the synthesis of elements which fail us and we pursue a wrong positional plan.  In the following there are three plausible scenarios based on positional... | Read More

    • Test your positional play #1

      Its somewhat of an art form to be able to accurately analyse a chess position and to formulate the correct plan for its not always clear.  At the moment I am reading the truly excellent book authored by Robert Bellin and Pietro Ponzeto, 'Test you... | Read More

    • Endgame Brilliancy GM Serper v GM Nakamura

      A fortress in chess may be a relatively easy concept to understand, but to create one is an entirely different matter. In the game excerpt GM Grigory Serper does just that in a 2005 United States championship match with GM Hikaru Nakamura.   F... | Read More

    • How to beat up a FIDE Master in under 1 min.

      It is not everyday that a common garden variety type of patzer like myself gets a request from a USCF Expert rated player to feature one or two of his games on ones somewhat insignificant youtube chess channel.   It came as a relief if I am hone... | Read More

    • Hou Yifan v Vladimir Kramnik, Dortmund 2015

      As amateur player we have a tendency to look for killer moves, which is in itself the correct approach because probably the vast majority of our games are decided by tactical means.  We may also have a tendency to sharpen the game either because ... | Read More

    • GM Walter Browne tribute

      I remember watching Walter Browne on the BBC's Master game. He was possibly the most intense chess player I had ever observed, entirely serious and focused.  In time trouble he was about to promote and suddenly realised that there was not an extr... | Read More

    • The 2 most important thinking methods in chess

      I recently took a free internet chess course entitled the ten day chess challenge being offered by a website and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding little courses that I have taken.  You simply enter your email addre... | Read More