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    • Basic chess strategy : Pawn wedge II : Levenfish v Kan, Moscow, 1927

      This is a follow up presentation to the original in which we covered the positional concept of the pawn wedge.  In this particular game, black is the one that creates the pawn wedge in the centre of the chess board, however he fails to realise hi... | Read More

    • Basic chess strategy : Pawn Wedge Introduction

      A pawn wedge can arise out of many opening systems e.g. The French advance, the Caro-Kann advance and the Kings Indian defence etc etc  For the possessor of the wedge it usually means extra space in a particular quadrant of the chess board and in... | Read More

    • Basic chess strategy : Pawn Nail II

      In the first chess lesson we discovered that a pawn nail has certain strengths.  It curtails or can hamper the development of ones opponents pieces and can provide a basis for attack.  In this lesson we discuss its weaknesses, e.g it depends on ... | Read More

    • Basic chess strategy : Pawn Nail

      A 'pawn nail' is a a pawn that has been driven into ones opponents position either on the sixth rank in the case of white or the third rank in the case of black. Its strength lies in the fact that it can be used to hamper the opponents development... | Read More

    • Tactics from the Olympiad

      After the rather mundane super Grandmaster tournament the Sinquefield  cup (please see Radio Jans caustic satirical expose of the gloom) the Olympiad came as refreshing drops of dew on a parched and scorched land. On open tournament with the wor... | Read More

    • English Opening : The Ice Dragon (Dragon Reversed)

      What happens when you take the Sicilian dragon, reverse engineer her from a black dragon into a white dragon and giver her an extra tempi? She transmutates and becomes the Ice Dragon! or as is more mundanely known, the Dragon reversed! An awesome ... | Read More

    • Analysis of an amateur game

      Analysing our finished games is considered to be one of the best ways of improving in chess.  We attempt to ascertain and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, what our thought process was and why we chose the moves that we did.  In the process... | Read More

    • Test your positional play_3

      Care to test your positional understanding? Here is a position from a game played in 1981, Mar del Plata.  With the white pieces is legendary Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen.  With the black pieces is equally legendary American Grandmaster Yasser... | Read More

    • FM Yuri Krupenski brilliancy!

      The second round of the Keres memorial 2016 witnessed an outstanding tactical solution to a position that was being somewhat dominated by the black pieces.  Our hero this time the Estonian Fide Master Yuri Krupenski playing the formidable world f... | Read More

    • IM Jovanka Houska brilliancy!

      Running alongside the London chess Classic and the last leg of the Grand Chess tour was the London FIDE open.  The game in question was played in the first round and illustrates the scintillating calculation and tactical skills of our heroine, Jo... | Read More