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Thoughts during Game

One of my opponents asked me to supply hints and tips about our tournament game after it finished. I tried to include the game in a private message but twice it failed to send. This was a lot of work wasted as after you embed the game with all the comments, if it fails to send it 'evaporates'! Maybe some improvement required here perhaps......


Anyway, I've generated this blog to share with my opponent and anyone else who is interested.....


I would be glad to hear any comments especially from contract2......
Cheers Rob


  • 4 years ago


    Hi Rob

    I appreciate your efferts and the problem with communication.

    I am reassured to hear you use stats as I do. I make most of my opening moves based on stats and of course the game soon goes off the recorded games especially the lower rating, the sooner we drift into the unknown.

    Bxh1 was typical.  I find the more games I am playing the greater the errors.

    F2 was damage limitation

    Yes Nh to h2 would have been good, yes E3 traps my bishop, at the time I thought it was backing it up. yes King side dead in the water.

    Yes NF2 was pointless.

    I played Kg2 expecting g6 for some reason.

    Rob, thank you for your time and you are right, the more games I play the quicker i make my move often to my regret. I most certainly do not give my games the thought you do hence my rating. Perhaps I need to make some decissions, do I want to take this game seriously or not. I left the game for a couple of years and then returned.

    I appreciate the  time you have taken.

    Kind regards


    contract 2

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