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Summer has been a mixture of fun and boredom. When I get to hang out with my friends, everything is great. Otherwise I spend most of the day reading, playing video games and spending time on chess.com. In my opinion, summer is over-rated. WHO AGREES WITH ME?


  • 5 years ago


    there is no school so I love it!  i am busy alot but i love having no school but maybe it is overrated a little bit... but not much!

  • 6 years ago


    well i do keep busy, tho so i guess i say NOT ME anymore! LOL im very busy and you would know ;-)

  • 6 years ago


    me, in a way. i remember tlking about this.  the way *i* think summer is overrated is that i am still busy. i thought summer was supposed to be unbusy. but i can see what you mean by the up and down funness.

  • 6 years ago



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