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Best Chess Openings

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    I am a big fan of Caro Kann with black. For the d4 I tend to play old Indian or Pirc, sometimes the Semi-Slavic. Caro-Kann is really fun to play and in hte endgame the black pawn structure is better. I hate blocking my c8 bishop in openings so the Slavic defence is easier to play for me. With white I hate Ruy Lopez when black answers with Marshall attack - I prefer 3. c3 or Bc4 or d4. Black comes back many times strong in Sicilian so I started to experiment with Alapin defense in order to get black into unfamiliar field, but Keres attack is nice too. 

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    nah, h5 is the best opening


    i call it the.... Stupid opening!!!

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    it depends on your chess rating, i think.

    being more of a correspondence player than

    a sharp tactician, i've looked at many Gm books

    to make a study of the openings, and summarized

    the info, together with new findings, in an E-book:


    suitable for beginners up to 1700 or so i suspect,

    look at the preview to get an idea,

    paperback is coming later,


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    thx, there now also is a kindle version (which is cheaper):


    and i'm now in the process of finishing a first the paper version 


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    Scotch gambit, transposed from a centre game.

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    well poeple have different opinions Yell

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