Books for recommendation anyone?

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    Can someone please recommend me some good opening books to any of the following:

    1) the lolli attack

    2) the french defence

    3) the french defence: Rubinstien Variation

    4) the dutch defense

    5) the sicilian alapin variation

    I can't seem to find any good books surrounding these topics

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    The book The French Defense Reloaded is on the French defense plus it also has a chapter on the Rubinstein. The entire book is about 360 pages, the Rubinstein chapter is about 55 pages. 

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    1 - None, the Lolli attack blows, and White deserves to lose

    2 - If they are still in print, the 4 books by Lev Psakhis on the French are Excellent.  The Tarrasch book was written in 2002, Advance/Exchange/Unusual and Winawer in 2003, All other 3.Nc3 in 2004.

    3 - See #2

    4 - Depends on which Dutch.  Stonewall?  Win with the Stonewall Attack (2009).  Classical or Leningrad?  Not sure.  Only played the Classical setup when White went for an early Nh3, which is covered in the Stonewall Book.  I hate the Leningrad for Black, but at least respect it, unlike the Lolli attack

    5 - See message #2

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    Check out There are numerous recommendations on every major opening there. 

    And if you're interested in cuttung edge theory, you could even subscribe to it!

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    rigamagician wrote:

    1) Beliavsky/Mikhalchishin and Jan Pinski both have books on the Two Knights Defence which cover the Lolli.

    2) Viktor Moskalenko's The Flexible French is a fairly recent treatment.

    3) Nikita Vitiugov's The French Defence focuses on the Rubinstein.

    4) Neil McDonald's Play the Dutch is a recent book on the Leningrad.  Simon Williams has a book on the Classical, and Jacob Aagaard wrote a book on the Stonewall.

    5) Evgeni Sveshnikov's The Complete c3 Sicilian is filled with ideas.

    Nikita Vitiugov's The French Defense came out in 2010. It has since been updated and published in 2012 titled The French Defense Reloaded. 

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