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e4 e5 nf3 f6!!??

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    Let's take a look at what happens when black takes the knight:

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    Nusons wrote:Worst opening ever in my opinion for black. Here's why:

    After 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f6, 3.Nxe5 the correct reply is 3....Qe7 (not 2.fxe5) when Black recovers the pawn on 4.Nc4 Qxe4+

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    -BEES- wrote:
    fireflashghost wrote:
    Chessking47 wrote:
    Fiveofswords wrote:

    the real reason f6 is a bad move is much simpler. It doesnt develop.

    d6 doesn't develop either.

    But d6 is a more solid way to defend the pawn, because it doesn't weaken the kingside, and in general it begins to set up a solid position.  2...d6 isn't necessarily the best line (and in my opinion going through a Pirc-like move order is a better option to get to a Philidor), but it's loads more preferable than 2...f6? and much more sound.

    The real real real issue is that f6 doesn't actually defend the pawn. It opens up tactics that allow White to take on e5 anyway. The pawn on e5 is only indirectly defended by playing Qe7 and retaking on e4--something Black could do without playing f6 anyway.

    I said it defended the pawn, I didn't say it did it well........

    Besides, if Black knows better to avoid 3...fxe5?? with 3...Qe7, he/she should know better than to play the Daimano at all.  We can all disagree about certain points of the analysis, but the bottom line is that it's agreed that it's not a good defense at all.

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