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Is anything better for me than the Parham?

  • 3 years ago · #163


    I have looked into that, how would you recommend replying to 4...Nf6? It seems most people exchange the knight on c6, then the wide open game is a little drawish..

    Michael-G, please don't be rude. I'd just appreciate help, I don't need anybody being a jerk.

  • 3 years ago · #164


    chess should be about constructive advice and players helping one another instead of throwing around rocks and insults :)

  • 3 years ago · #165


    The fact that nneds a "punch" is the truth and not an insult.If he was my brother I would shake his head hard trying to make him understand.

    In fact all you that act polite and "try" to help him you do more "damage" than I do.You make him think that what he says is not nonsense although it is , there is no doubt about it.We are talking about a 1300 rated player.Does anyone bothered o see his games?Because I did.How can suggesting an agressive opening to a player that doesn't understand even the basics , can help him?Someone from the polite ones please answer that.

    If telling the truth and really trying to help someone to wake up is rude while  lie to him and keeping him confused is polite , I will prefer to be rude.

  • 3 years ago · #166


    but being rude is just a turn off, people are less likely to listen to you, even if what you are saying is completely logical

  • 3 years ago · #167


    Ok michael-g, because I am not Bobby Fischer, like I'm sure you are, I'm not allowed to get advice in chess? I just wanted help, I don't need crap from people like you who think you're the greatest player ever.

  • 3 years ago · #168


    The greatest player ever , whoever he is, would tell you the same.Some of the non greatest players ever also tell you the same.The problem is that you are not able to comit your self to serious study.You are pretending that you are by doing foolish questions that others , unfortunately answer seriously.But instead of admitting that you do foolish questions , the easy solution is to call me rude.It's the solution that makes you forget that you say nonsense.

        Lets' assume for a moment that I am right and you indeed say nonsense?(only for a moment , not for more)

    Who is the rude and who is the polite? 

    If a 4 years old kid wanted to drive a car and couldn't accept that this can't happen , who would be rude?The one that would try to advise him how to drive or the one that would tell him to stop saying and acting like a fool?

    Don't answer me , I don't need an answer ,answer that to yourself.

  • 3 years ago · #169


    I didn't say that you say nonsense, I said you don't need to be rude. I'm pretty sure people would agree that you have been rude, so just chill out bro.

    About your car thing, if you told the kid "I'm sorry, that's not legal", that would be understandable. If you told the kid "F--- off, get out of here", I don't think that's appropriate. You obviously, are the second one, so just settle down.

    Also, that is a completely unapplicable scenerio. It is is illegal for a 4-year old to drive. Playing the Parham is an opening, which anyone can play. I know it doesn't follow opening rules, but here's how I think of it. In the MLB, the majority of pitchers pitch overhand. However, there are also sidearm and knuckleball pitchers. That method isn't wrong, but just not as popular.

  • 3 years ago · #170


    Michael-G is right. I saw your games few minutes ago. It's not the problem in Opening. You just need to practise and learn more. Sticking to 2. Qh5 will make you weak - others will advance when you'll just still stay at 13 hundreds level.

    Or maybe you'd like to stuck. Anyway, enjoy chess.

    And one more - if you want aggresive play, then you should start with 1. Nc3 e5 2. d4 and if Black takes 2. ... exd4 3. Qxd4.

    Good luck.

  • 3 years ago · #171


    I don't pay attention during online chess, I watch tv and I just use it to be doing something, if I sit down and focus I don't hang pieces, I assure you.

    ciljettu, you mentioned vienna game, what lines would you recommend? It seems most of these just transpose to the giuoco pianissimo.

  • 3 years ago · #172


    The scenario is not inapplicable.A son of a friend wanted to drive his bike and he insisted.So what do you do to a kid that stubbornly refuses to accept a very simple truth?I ask you again , should anyone take that kid seriously?Is that kid saying nonsense when insisting to drive the bike or not?It's exactly what you do.

       Your example is completely wrong.Baseball can't be compared with chess and pitchers can't be compared with openings.In chess there is something that is more important than pitchers or openings and that is understanding.Without that you can do nothing.You will  continue to be a below average player of an on-line site that will improve extremely slowly.In 5 years from now you will either abandon chess or start accusing others because you didn' improve at all.

       It is not opernings you need.Choose a simpe thing play it and it's over.You don't have a style because you don't even know what exactly chess is.You need serious endgame and middle-game study.If you do that , in 2 years you will laugh with your nonsense because you will know , beyond any doubt, that what you today say is indeed nonsense.There is no polite way to say that thing and you don't need to be the greatest player in the world to see it.

    Do you need to be the greatest dirver in the world to say to a 4 years old kid that it is nonsense to insist on driving his father's bike?Anyone can say it and will be right about it.Or not?

  • 3 years ago · #173


    I wasn't comparing baseball to openings, I was comaring it to principle. Most people believe you should push central pawns, develop knights and bishops, castle, then start looking to attack, or let's say overhand pitching.

    Then there are people who believe you should fianchetto bishops, push flank pawns, and undermine the center from the outsides, or sidearm pitchers.

    Then there are those who believe "the queen is the best piece, so let's use it". This is matrix chess, whereas the first two were classical and hypermodernism, respectively. Neither is correct, just different from eachother.

  • 3 years ago · #174


    The Three Schools of Thought

    1.Classical (1400s+)-Conquering the Center with Pawns. This is founded upon the idea that one should dominate the center. This was the prevailant school until the Hypermoderns came along.

    2.Hypermodern (~1940s+)-Controlling the center with pieces. This was thought to be bad until after World War 1, where reconizable names such as Aron Nimzovich started playing these "odd" openings. Founded upon the idea that the center doesn't have to be controlled immediately, but counterattacked.

    3.Matrix (Tough call, 1990s+?)-Attacking with the Queen immediately. Mainly advocated by Bernard Parham, also played a couple times in non-serious games by Nakamura. This is founded upon the idea that bringing the strongest piece out first is the best way to attack. Usually the attack doesn't amount to much if defended properly, as two or three pieces usually can't break through with no weaknessess. Still leads to somewhat of an equal game

  • 3 years ago · #176


    Matrix chess has just come around. I'm sure the first time people saw hypermodernism they thought those guys were insane too.

  • 3 years ago · #177


    He used his system to become a chess master, it obviously works pretty well...

  • 3 years ago · #178


    Lol, I am quite rational, you guys just seem to be arguing with no merit...

  • 3 years ago · #179


    In my opinion, the Parham is busted.

  • 3 years ago · #180


    That f6 knight is easily pinned, to stop it black must do h6 followed by g5, and ruin their kingside. A strong attacker could easily exlpoit that.

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