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What Openings do you Hate to Play Against?

  • 15 months ago · Quote · #81


    Vanessa_Martinez wrote:

    lol, I dont because when someone doeas some weird move like that I feel like they have a super secret plan or tatical set.

    To true i feel the same way when it comes to stuff like the Mexian Defense or Nimzovitch Defense. but im usually fine against the later

  • 15 months ago · Quote · #82


    redxave wrote:

    I do not like seeing Caro-Kann and French because i suck at closed positions. For d4 i always go King's Indian to throw off the Queen's Gambit players.

    ROFLMAO!  I'm a Queen's Gambit player, and the King's Indian I find easier to beat than the Queen's Gambit Declined!

    My best results come against the King's Indian, Benko Gambit, and Nimzo-Indian.

  • 15 months ago · Quote · #83


    varelse1 wrote:

    My own opening! 1.c4 Lol

    Is almost all I ever play as white. You think I would be an expert with the black pieces, wouldn't you?

    c4 is called the english

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #84


    as black four knights and scotch, as white sicilian

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #85


    Fried liver... Frown

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