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Why are there few Caro-Kann players?

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    Inyustisia wrote:

    “The Brave Hedgehog”

    There was a box lying out-of-doors.
    Wild beasts came up to the box, looked it over, sniffed it, and licked it.
    And then the box went one, two, three – and it opened.
    Out of the box – one, two, three – came a snake.
    The beasts were scared, and ran away.
    Only the hedgehog was not afraid. He bent down to the snake and one, two,
    three – ate it all up. And then he sat on the box, and cried out, “Cu-curu-curu!”
    No, that’s not it – the hedgehog cried out, “Honk! Honk! Honk!”
    No, that’s not it either! The hedgehog cried out, “Meow! Meow! Meow!”
    No, that’s not it either! I don’t know what a hedgehog sounds like.
    Who knows what a hedgehog says?”

    - Daniil Kharms, 1935

    Kids--Just say "no" to mind-altering substances.

    Are you advocating the Hedgehog Defense, or are you just posting crazy writings?

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    both. mostly the latter though

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    Caro-Kann transposes, so maybe you are seeing games without the label.

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    tigerprowl5 wrote:

    Caro-Kann transposes, so maybe you are seeing games without the label.

    The Caro-Kann itself can tranpose yes. I'm confused on what you mean by seeing games without the label though?

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    jposthuma wrote:

    I play the Caro-Cann, and I actually think it can be a very interesting and agressive opening. Y'all should check out "Dangerous Weapons: The Caro-Kann" by IM John Emms and see what I'm talking about 

    Did you check out the "Caro-Kann Study Group" team vote games; maybe you can still get in on it. I like the CK myself and use it in my correspondence games.

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