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    I was reading "How like imitates Chess" by Kasparov and came across this funny but somewhat peculiar advice Spassky gave Kasparov on how to play Petrosian. p-28

    "Over the next two years I equalized our career score by twice beating Petrosian with a quiet positional style, almost the style of Petrosian himself. I credit my sucessful change of approach by advice given to me by the man who took the world title from Petrosian in 1969, Boris Spassky. Before I played Petrosian again, less than a year after the defeats described above, I spoke with Spassky, who was playing in the same tournament in Yugoslavia. He counselled me that the key was to apply pressure, but just a little, steadily. 'Squeaze his balls,' Spassky told me unforgetably, but just squeaze one, not both!'

    Anyone care to interpret Spassky's advice?

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    Spassky doesn't have to justify his pseudo-erotic advice to anyone!

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    fyy0r wrote:

    Spassky doesn't have to justify his pseudo-erotic advice to anyone!


    Fyy---Kasparov seems to think it is funny as well but, he appears to understand the strategy Spassky is describing. If you think you know what that strategy implies ---please tell us in chess terms please.

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    Gary just dreamt this... he's had a thing for (being half) fellow Armenians for years.

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