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Cheater calling me a cheat

  • 16 months ago · #41


    I only said it could be drawish :).  I admitted I don't know much about it, but I can see at a glance what is possible there.  Certainly it does allow for pawn pushes that promote a very closed game...

    As for cheating and rating differences...while it is true that it is probably easier to cheat in longer time controls (because it could be done "by hand"), there's no reason at all why a decent motivated developer could not write a browser plug-in that ties a chess engine (already written with de-coupled GUIs, making it even easier) directly to chess.com's live chess interface, so the moves would be almost instantaneous.

    I'll stop commenting there since this topic is not supposed to be discussed, but thinking that speedy time controls blocks cheating is not really true.  It just requires more sophistication; but for all I know pirate sites are already rife with clients/plug-ins that will do this and it is easy to find one.

    Edit:  Looking at MSC's video...yep, so they are already out there widely distributed then :/.  Pretty much inevitable.

  • 16 months ago · #42


    I'm also not accusing anyone, FYI. :) Great draw cosmic.

  • 16 months ago · #43


    thank you. its the only achievement made at 1minute against C4. I once beat him from a friends house at 2.1 minute, and i could not realise whats happening. I finally end up with a bag of ice on my head from the euphoria and the screaming of joy( -Whos the man??? I am the man!! )  =))

  • 16 months ago · #44


    lol 28 moves without any captures

  • 16 months ago · #45


    Have you see this video in which IM Daniel Rensch is commenting and playing live and his opponent makes unusual moves:


  • 16 months ago · #46


    Never complain; never explain. Just block the suspected cheater and move on to more important things in life.

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