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Cheater calling me a cheat

  • 19 months ago · #41


    I'm also not accusing anyone, FYI. :) Great draw cosmic.

  • 19 months ago · #42


    thank you. its the only achievement made at 1minute against C4. I once beat him from a friends house at 2.1 minute, and i could not realise whats happening. I finally end up with a bag of ice on my head from the euphoria and the screaming of joy( -Whos the man??? I am the man!! )  =))

  • 19 months ago · #43


    lol 28 moves without any captures

  • 19 months ago · #44


    Have you see this video in which IM Daniel Rensch is commenting and playing live and his opponent makes unusual moves:


  • 19 months ago · #45


    Never complain; never explain. Just block the suspected cheater and move on to more important things in life.

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