Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    Re: Comment #1200. Whether the biggest or not, certainly the most inane.

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    CUL8R (See You Later) Chess

    Sooner or Later Chess

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    Ziryab wrote:

    Yesterday, I was introduced to another chess player by a mutual friend in a bar that she owns. In talking about the sort of chess that he plays online, we hit upon "slow chess" as a clear description of a game with three days per move. The conversation ran into no roadblocks. He had heard of, but plays correspondence chess elsewhere.

    Similar conversations in the past always run up against confusion when the term "online chess" is used to name correspondence chess played through a server or website. 

    About every 200 posts there is a breath of sanity in this thread.  Thank you.

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    Ziryab wrote:
    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Almost 1200 posts! This must be the biggest mass debate in history!

    There's very little debate, however. The debates between the followers of Trotsky and of Stalin were real debates, and involved many thousands of people.

    As history, what happens here is insigificant. 

    Indeed.  But mostly these debates were about "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back."  They are still fighting over that cadaver, and what he said.

    A fair number of Trots remain in France, and even NYC.  The new French President, Hollande, apparently had some connections too.

    On balance, however, Stalin's thugs kinda got the better of them.

    An interesting article in the Washinton Post, from about a month ago, details the genealogy of one of the Officials from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), part of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

    Turns out this official (a woman) is Trotsky's grandaughter.  The article also talks about his grandson.  Another big success story.  Very bright family, all around. 

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    lol Mother-in-law.. some of those were very funny.. Laughing

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    Vacation Chess.

    (This name would encourage players to take vacations - who might not otherwise do so!)

    The only anomaly is when you play non-vacation vacation chess (i.e. in a non-vacation tournament).

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    More vacation time would be nice because the free Wi-fi in hotels is often spotty.

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    Ziryab wrote:
    winerkleiner wrote:

    In chess history!

    The debates between those who think Fischer was the greatest player in history, the advocates of Kasparov, and the few who actually comprehend the powers of Alekhine has been are far larger debate in numbers of participants, quantity of views, and qualitative differences between the responses.

    Not a mass debate?! I should know a mass debate when I see one! I have experience with mass debating for decades, and I must attest that this has all the elements of a mass debate! This is nothing BUT mass debating!

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    chess_kebabs wrote:

    lol Mother-in-law.. some of those were very funny.. 

     ---- Thanks!  I'm still thinking of sales pitches ---

    "Play Chess AND Meet Fellow Eccentrics from Foreign Lands!"

    "Think You're Peculiar?  Not on This Site, You're Not!"

    "Meet Way More Chess Players than You Ever Wanted To!"

    "Play, Don't Play --- Nobody Here Will Care!"

    "Ask Questions About Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Chess, But Were Afraid to Ask!"

    "Bad Hair Day?  Still Want a Chess Game?  We're Here for You!"

    "Need an Ego Boost?  Challenge a Chess Beginner to a Game!"

    "Feeling Too Full of Yourself?  Play a GrandMaster!"

    "Worried You're Wacko?  Get Reassurance by Reading Comments From REAL Wackos --- AND Play Chess, Too!"

    "Have Extremely Strong Feelings about Certain Chess Openings?  Meet Other People Just Like YOU!"

    "Like A Good Debate?  It's Easy to Find or Start One Here!"

    "Hate Reading Argumentative Exchanges?  Complain About Them Here!"

    "Hate Complainers?  Let Them Know It Here!"

    "Always Been Curious About Playing Chess Through Electronic Devices?  Go Ahead and Take a Chance --- Let the Adventure Begin!"

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    P.S.  Erik, message me privately with your offers re $ per slogan.  I'm open to (reasonable) negotiations. Wink Money mouth  Sincerely, MIL

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    motherinlaw wrote:

    P.S.  Erik, message me privately with your offers re $ per slogan.  I'm open to (reasonable) negotiations.    Sincerely, MIL

    I'm sure Erik has messaged you by now MIL with an offer too good to refuse!!

    If you haven't Erik, WHY NOT!!!! Surprised

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    Was trying to pick a favourite MIL, but it's too hard...

    Will keep trying... 

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    Stop the presses Erik, I got the name to sum up this thread and to end this debate, just call it "Debate Chess"

    T-shirt me.

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    how about chess extended time or chess XT for short kind of catchy.

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    Call it "On-Line Chess."

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    Cosmic Chess (out of this universe)

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    I have got it:  Call it hose-line chess, no, no, that's not it clothes line chess for all the laundry you failed to do while making a move.  What's better?  "Toe-the-line" chess?  Lacks feeling.  How about "What's your sign" chess as kind of a retro-appreciation to disco?  That's just silly.  "Malign Chess;" "I'm fine Chess;" "Refine Chess;" "Sublime Chess."  I am still not sure.  Tough one! 

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    This is such a troubling queston, I could not go to sleep.  Instead, I watched all of the Harry Potter movies and there, I found the answer.   It should be called "Chess of which we do not speak (ever again, I hope).

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     lol Jerome.. I'd  be willing to play chess in any universe.. Laughing

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    ChazR of the prettiest smiles I have ever come upon!

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