Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    CORRespondence + ELectronic + ONline = Correlon Chess (or Correon).

    (Plus, you can carry on the game a bit later.)

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    Pardon my candor, but that's just plain stupid.

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    EminenceGrise wrote:

    To capture the war-like nature of the game:

    1. online chess -> siege chess

    2. live chess -> skirmish chess

    Blitz, of course, comes from the fast-paced war tactic called blitzkrieg. It seems to be a fairly popular way of naming chess related stuff.

    Very visual metaphors!

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    Sooner wrote:
    TheGrobe wrote:

    Preventative is disputed.

    Your authority?

    Authority?  I didn't think you needed authority to dispute something, but regardless, no.

    More to the point, I meant that there was a lot of contention (aside from mine) about the validity of preventative.  I've also always subscribed to the view that this is an evolving language, however, so common usage should be given a lot of credence in these matters.  My preference is still to use preventive.

    All that said, up until yesterday I honestly thought it was not even a word, but a little digging shows that despite the contention both are acceptable, however:

    • Chambers dictionary calls preventative an "irregular formation"
    • I see a lot of references to OED calling preventive the preferred formation, however their online dictionary doesn't reflect this outside of defining preventative as simply a synonym of preventive.

    Curiously, if they are truly interchangeable, then it's interesting to note that preventive is apparently the preferred form in common usage, at least as far as google trends is representative (or should that be representive?) of that, and that in addition, the form "preventative" is much more prevalent in the US than anywhere else.,+preventative

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    PP&J = Proliforation of Priorities and Jargon.  Not a good thing.

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    ChazR wrote:

    For anyone this may apply to:

    There is the bona fide condition of Histrionic Personality Disorder (section 301.50 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychological Association (DSM-IV). 

    This disorder is characterized by an excessive attention seeking behavior where the person is uncomfortable in situations when he/she/it is not the center of attention.  The person consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention and also uses seductive or sexually provocative behavior inappropriately and prematurely believes relationships are intimate.  The style of speech is impressionistic, lacks detail, and show a theatrical (drama-queen/king) exaggerated expression of emotion.  Such a person displays shifting and shallow emotions and is easily suggestible and influenced by others or circumstances.  The prognosis is guarded in the case of this disorder, due mostly to the person’s lack of insight and awareness into themselves.  This is compounded by the person’s failure to face reality and recognize they are just not so special or important.

    In other words, opinions are like belly-buttons, everyone has one.  The oppressive need of one person to be the best is rather childish.


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    Is there a site called "Chess Zone"or "Chess Mates", "Chess Friends ''or ''World Chess " does anybody know ?   "Correspondence Chess " title has now dropped a little  in percentage terms   by the way 

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    contra-snail-mail chess

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    Thank you friend ketchuplover!

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    Correspondence chess implies correspondence of some kind between the players, such as traditional postal mail or email. This is turn-based chess. You make a move when it is your turn and your opponent does the same - and there is no direct correspondence between players. The server does that. Just my two cents...

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    In divorce law, the "corespondent" is the mistress or lover of the unfaithful spouse.  Might be quite appropos for many of us--- depends on the number of hours/day spent playing chess and posting brilliant, informative, relevant and supremely witty comments in forums ... like this forum ........  hmm.........

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    chess for bread crumb eaters

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    Thanks, motherinlaw, but the astute reader will surely see that "co-respondent" is spelled with only one "r"...

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    How about "slow chess", since you have days to make a move; or perhaps "untimed chess".

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    In modern parlance .."Chess  24/7"

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