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Need some assistance...

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    achja wrote:
    batgirl wrote:

    Well, Google translates "Grüne Blätter" not as "Green Pages" but as "Green Leaves" which does sound a bit more poetic.  Of course, I'll just call it "Grüne Blätter."

    Can be both in german apparently.

    And for entertainment and educational added value :

    Dutch language looks quite a bit like German.

    Here in Holland it is not very uncommon that german tourists start speaking in german to dutch folks, after which the dutch folks often talk back in german or in english or ... in dutch, and then the german tourists would usually continue talking in german

    (Towers of Babylon ? First to the left, and then to the right at the end of the street)

    In dutch language "blad" is both leave from a tree, as well as magazine.

    "Club blad" is often referred to as the chess club magazine at a chess club in Holland.


    :D soo true, the average german language capabilities are such a pitty 

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    Thanks everyone!  I think I've gotten the sense of the passage.

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