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    LisaV wrote:
    chess_kebabs wrote:

    Here's a novel idea.. how about testing links and new or adjusted features/options provided rather than putting them up and waiting for us all to say they don't work or there's a new problem caused? 

    If you can't test it properly without putting it up, then at least  can't it be tested as soon as it goes up?

    Um, there was a beta version of the new design available for about a month.  As far as I know, everyone was given a message upon logging in alerting us to the new version and to a link to look to it.  With one click, you could use the new design and give feedback then.

    um.. yes I know that, I did check it out, was hard not to miss that news as it was well advertised. But there were  bugs reported there that weren't all fixed before the new site  went up. And new bugs reported after the site went up.. said it before several times, wish they were all well tested in the beta stage before going live. 

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    erik wrote:
    chess_kebabs wrote:

    Here's a novel idea.. how about testing links and new or adjusted features/options provided rather than putting them up and waiting for us all to say they don't work or there's a new problem caused? 

    If you can't test it properly without putting it up, then at least  can't it be tested as soon as it goes up?

    we're running as fast as we can to fix the bugs and make everything right. here's a novel idea - put yourself in our shoes and think what's it like trying to run a site of 5 million demanding members. if we make a mistake every once in a while, trying giving us a break. 

    that particular code was written by a new developer. i'm not sure who QA'd it, but obviously they didn't QA it well. but seriously - can you please get off my back already? :) i know you aren't happy. i know you have a billion criticisms of how i do things. i've heard it already. enough, please.

    we're more than happy to fix things, build things, and do our best to make everyone happy. but it helps when it's done with support, not with "told you so" and "you suck" and "here's a novel idea". treating us like idiots doesn't help. and we're not idiots - we built the best chess site in the world, and the ~2,000th most visited site in the world. :D so, please kebabs... enough already.  

    I've given you credit a million times Erik. I always give credit when due, and you deserved credit many times. You can't deny you've heard me praise you also in the forums. One praise was that you are doing your best to fix the bugs.. 

    Just that last fix with the friend's list was so weird, and I didn't blame you personally for it. And it does seem like it wasn't tested/checked by 'whoever' did it and I'm sure you yourself would expect that, yes?  Standard to ask your developers to test their work? 

    And I'm not the only one who has expressed many times their unhappiness with the new site, many  others did as well. And I'm just one voice here out of 5 million, I know that.  

    Also am not 100% unhappy with the  new site, did say what I did like. The homepage looks much better, because has some decent contrast in there. 

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    I've also asked people to be patient when they wanted to close their account or not renew their memberships because of their unhappiness. I would have stopped one diamond  member who closed his account but he did it while I was sleeping so had no chance to. That was silly. 

    I'd be more worried about those members than me.

    I said it in the past and recently and will say it again, is the best chess site around.. and have faith the bugs/issues will all be sorted eventually. 

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    No more TinyMCE for the iPad? Seems to have disappeared just today.

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    I just wish they were fixed/sorted in beta stage, not after it went live.. for the sake of the members who are experiencing so many problems, especially on phones, and also for the sake of staff, not to have had this backlash.

    Was it a big problem to keep the 2 optional sites up to keep working on the bugs before the big switch? Sorry for asking again, I may have missed the reason/answer for ditching the beta testing site so soon. So far I haven't seen one that explains  'well' why that happened.

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    Anyway, my apologies Erik.. that comment 'here's a novel idea' was a bit cheeky, forgive me. :)

    Was just  shocked to see what went up with the friend's list new coding   that's all, considering that the last thing you would have wanted was something else going wrong.. but I know it wasn't your fault directly. 

    btw, I never said "you suck" or "told you so", unless you're referring to others here who said that..  

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    Are they still points?

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    Yes, point to an avatar and you see them.

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    Also adding, my comment 'here's a novel idea' was not directed at you Erik, it was directed at whoever wrote the code and walked away without testing it. I'm sure you will agree yourself Erik that it's just common sense to check if a code one writes actually does work.

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    Question on themes: Can we not search for a theme anymore by author? That window is gone.

    I know we can view all the themes by author but then we have to scroll through the pages looking for the author/theme we're after. Wanted to upload a theme I had created under my previous account. Used to upload it all the time with a quick search for my old username and bang there was the theme I was after. Now have to go the long way around to get it. Is it possible to have that search window returned please? 

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    I am 100% delighted with the new format.  I had had no sense that the site needed a redesign, but suddenly everything seems cleaner and more intuitive and... better.  I've been browsing this thread, and clearly there are lots of specifics to hash out, but in my opinion the overall effect is fantastic.  I had let my membership lapse, but I've resubscribed to celebrate the changes.

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    It is impossible to play on my BlackBerry.....a problem I never faced with the old site

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    Tactics Trainer doesn't refresh right away, as it did on the old site.  So you have to go out of Tactics and then come back in to see your latest score and number of puzzles left, or, of course, click on Refresh.  It used to refresh instantaneously.

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    I don't know if this was brought up, but the recent change to the Instant Message with friends is not available in game.  I think the choice should be left up to the individual if he wants to talk to friends during a game.  You can always sign off.

                                                     Thank you

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    since the new design, some of my stats have been quirky. my last 3 opponents were all over 1700, yet my average opponent's rating keeps going down. how is that possible? it's not!

    also, due to some computer issues, I lost some games on time. my ratio had been going down but now it's went back up more than it was in the first place. the thing is, I haven't lost any on time since that initial hiccup. anyone else?

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    Put a shirt on already.

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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Put a shirt on already.

    Or at least a hairpiece.  More chest hair maybe?

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    I still cannot resize pictures. No corner handles.

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