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    Fantasto wrote:

    Posting notes

    There seems to be a bug in this area. I tried 4 times to post the following note, each time carefully correcting the spacing for words which the system had run together. My input was letter and spacing perfect, but here's what the system produced:

    "Australian Teens 2012entries, for playersrated 1300-1999, havenow reached 30, butthere's still roomfor YOU! So join inand meet some Aussieteammates: here's thelink:http://www.chess.com/tournament/australian-teens-2012"

    I'm finding this running of words together happens almost every time ... Why is it so?

    The words run together Rex when you post a link.. it's obviously another bug.

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    Thanks Babs: like some of the others, I don't quite understand why!Smile

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    It's not that it has a link. Actually any text that is over 30 characters long that has over 19 continuous characters without a space will cause it to add zero-width spaces throughout the html, causing the problem, I believe. It's in there so that when you write a long line, the line will continue at the next spot where it is in the html and a line break will occur there.
    Usually a soft hyphen is used for regular text where you don't see the hyphen until it gets to a spot that needs it. For a very long word, it isn't a problem, but for a url link it will add a dash at the end of the line which could cause confusion for people reading the link. Put simply, is the hyphen part of the link, or it it just continuing to the next line?

    Of course with both the soft hyphen and zero length width space there's the additional problem that when you copy the link and try to paste it in the url, even though you don't see the extra characters, it still adds them and your link won't work. For example it turns your link into

    This is an often problem on youtube in comments as well that have links as they use a soft hyphen. I think they try to handle it by just blocking you from posting anything that looks like it has a link in it.


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    DeepGreene wrote:
    himath2009 wrote:

    I know, DeepGreene, I can see them in teams I am not a member of but I cannot see them in the teams I am a member... Very strange bug, this one!

    Here's part of the right-hand side of a Group page where I'm a member: http://grab.by/dkAs 

    Is that not showing for you - or are we talking about something different?


    So, DeepGreene, here is the screenshot, as promised:


    As you can see (red arrow) the “In Progress” counter for Team Matches is missing. By contrast, the Team Vote counter (blue arrow) is there. The same thing exactly shows on the link you provided – you are a member of Team Canada and you cannot see the no. of matches in progress, only the vote ones.


    This bug affects all the Team pages I am a member of, irrespective whether I am admin or not. (Thank you Aidan for your input # 832, but you can only see the Power of Chess counter because you are not a member of that group). By contrast, I can see the counter of every other team I do not belong to. Not very helpful, is it?


    Perhaps this problem is of no concern to 99% of members, but it should be fixed. At Team Hellas we are running something like 100+ matches right now and I absolutely need to know how much that "+" is: is it 105 or 195 - I have no idea of how heavy our players schedule is at the moment.


    Finally, something that might be of help to your programmers: last week, right after one of your site improvements shutdowns - the ones you run at around 8 o’clock in the morning (my time, GMT+2) – when you came back online the counter suddenly appeared! But after a couple of hours or so it disappeared againL.


    If this is a bug that hates admins, wants to make their life impossible, its doing a lovely job, I sympathize with it - but, please, do get rid of the little bugger!...   

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #805


    @himath2009 - Agreed! We have a ticket in play now to add the matches in progress data there.

    @gutartas - We're currently planning to make the analysis text scroll independently of the board; making the moves or lines themselves act as "links" to directly affect the positions shown on the board is further out.

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    Thank you, DeepGreene!

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #807


    I like it!

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #808


    Like what ?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #809


    So...no word on why we weren't asked if we want live games chucked in with turn-based chess for the Explorer? Or why we weren't told when it was going to happen? Or when it would be ready?

    I know you guys do a tricky job but this is basic stuff - and we're paying for it, after all...

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    Is the YouTube Option OFF now ???   Undecided

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #811


    420 x 315

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    Ou !  The new embed code !

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    gmeillonc wrote:

    I would like to know if the staff is aware that still the navigation with iPhone in the site is almost impossible. No zoom-in zoom-out. Either in regular or landscape mode the pages are cut, meaning you can't see the whole thing and no way to zoom in it or something. The prior version worked perfect navigating with an iPhone.

    Agree... can staff please indicate if and when it's likely we can navigate with ease on our iphone again as we could before on the old site?  

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    "My Games" no longer appears even to be an option on Explorer

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #817


    The new setup is seriously laking in 'back' buttons. For instnace, I'm on my groups team match page: I go to look at one and find I can't get back to the match page except by re-opening the group, then the tm page.

    Here's another example: i'm in game explorer, but when I finish I can't get back to the game I was exploring.

    And another: I'm TD and want to delete some gatecrashers: so I go to standings and pick off the first one. But then the system takes me back to invited players, so I have to reopen standings again, and again, and again ....

    These are just three examples: there are more.

    So please, chess.com, give us more and better functioning 'back' buttons!

    And PS: why can I no longer see another member's games in progress, or even find out how many they have underway?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #818


    Yes I agree with this ( though not as important as other issues ).

    Would like '' BACK '' button on every page as no longer functions via browser (did do on other system)

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #819


    Another hand up waiting for the IPhone answer!

    Also the lack of data on some pages i'm presuming was a chioce made in order to give the severs a break in terms of requests?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #820


    Sorry we can't be more specific (quite yet) about timelines for a better site experience in mobile browsers... We are working on it, but it definitely hasn't come together as quickly as we'd like.

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