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What strange chess rules can you think up?

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    The King to be able to move two squares any direction instead of one. Would make check-mate that much more difficult.

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    A pawn can promote to a king.

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    candyass4ever wrote:

    A pawn can promote to a king.

    So then, would Both kings have to be checkmated to end the game?  This seems to me to be an important consideration in "two or more kings chess."  

    Also, what if you get All of your pawns promoted to kings?  Picture the board in That situation ...  if you Dare ..... Can you see it?  It looks like like a world gone mad, doesn't it?  ... In summary, I find this "pawns promote to kings" idea deeply disturbing.

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    KILL anybody who beats me 

    MURDER anybody who gets a draw on me

    SPARE anybody who I win against 

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    Cryptic-C62 wrote:

    Falcon Punch: Once during each game, you may punch your opponent in the nose as hard as you want. If he bleeds on a piece, it is removed from the board. If he gets knocked out, you win the game and his wallet.

    Cannibalism: You may remove one of your own pawns that within one square of your knight. The knight then upgrades from a {1,2} leaper to a {3,4} leaper for this turn. 

    Conversion chamber: Before the game begins, each player writes down a column letter (A through H), which they do not reveal until necessary. If an opponent's pawn promotes on the column you've chosen, the promoted piece becomes your color, not the opponent's.

    I actually laughed aloud Tongue Out are you a professional stand-up comedian?

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    After reading some of these posts on here, I can't help but wonder why people who have never even been in a life or death situation involving violence are so fascinated with it.

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