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What strange chess rules can you think up?

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    how about you can take your pieces if the situation demands....... many forced mates could have been avoided.

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    vegma wrote:

    Let Black have the first move.

    How would that be different from simply playing white?

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    Each game must be played in front of a cage full of barking pitbulls.

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    Well, I certainly like reviving sort-of already dead forums.

    Knights can't jump over other pieces, but pawns can.

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    mauve_penguin wrote:

    chessniu wrote:

    You play with only queen and pawns and the first person to lose all the pieces wins. You must capture a queen when possible and if you cant then you have to capture a pawn and if you cant capture any piece you can do anyrthing

    The position is set up like this:


    6 months...

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