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    Heister please analyse this game too.
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    Please analyse this game as this game is my recent game against the rising star from India Boraminakar Tanisha.I am black.Time is 1 hr 30 mins each

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    Nearby.  I'm currently putting more time into personal study so I can push my rating the next step.  Please feel free to browse the 100+ games already analyzed.  :D

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    What are you reading?  Are you looking at the GM Prep series?  I hear the strategy one is really difficult and I'm working on Dvoretsky's School of Chess Excellence 3: Strategy before tackling it. 

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    Unfortunately, my tournament prep method is one small bit of information that I won't share.  It makes it really difficult if your opponents prepare the same way you do.  If you ever want to prep a tournament with me, I'll consider helping out in a one to one setting as long as we're not headed to the same tourney!

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    its a game i have played last saturday in a 1 hour + 15 minutes + 30 seconds increment time control over the board, my opponent is 2135 fide rated i have no rating otb cause i naver play, only blitz on internet.

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    I find it a little funny that the posting stoped at the 666th comment Laughing.

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    David 210, on move 11 why did you play 11.e5? (not a bad move but a question) Why not keep the pawn center so you can convert it into a favorable dynamic activity opening the position to your advantage? 

    Wait, yeah maybe 11.e5 is better than 11.d5 but converting a center into activity while not always best is still worth considering especially if you're castled and they aren't. 

    You missed 14.Bxh7+,Kxh7 15.Ng5+,Kg6 16.g4,Rh8 17.gxh5,Rxh5 18.Qg4 and black's king isn't safe and will need to return material to save it.  Black can probably resign here.  14...Kxh7 isn't forced and this is where problems lie. 14...Kh8 being stubborn 15.Ne4,Kxh7 16.Nfg5+,Kg6 same deal but with more attacking resources around him.  15...Bxf3 16.Qxf3,Ng6 17.Qh5 and black needs to sac the queen (via removal of the guard after 17...Qh4 18.Bxg6+) to avoid immediate mate. 

    Looks like at worst you win a queen at worst by force with 14.Bxh7+,Kh8! 

    15.g4 is an obvious fork, but sometimes their provoking moves are to your benefit and should gladly fall for their "tricks".  15...Nxe3 16.fxe3,Bg6 17.Bxg6,fxg6 18.Ne4 and black has a terribly bad bishop whereas you have two great knights in a closed position.  Black's weaknesses include the backward  c-pawn, isolted e-pawn  (if 18...h6 hen 19.g5! with the idea of attacking this pawn), and c5 and d6 are excellent outposts for your operations here. 

    In the game 15...Nxd4 16.Bxd4,Bxf3 17.gxf3,Qxd4 18.f4 would have been roughly equal. 

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    The game was 30|0

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