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We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    lol, you are like the third person to scold me on e3.

    Thank you anyway :)

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    Caro Kan give me afraid,so afraid,

    I loss cathastrophic way,feeling

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    Played this one a week ago or so on this site, 3 days per move. I don't often play 1.d4, so this was something different for me. If there's any other suggestions that can be made, that would be appreciated. :)

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    Everytime I post an annotated game noone comments on it ...

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    I have elected to analyze your game:

    1. On your 6th move, you say that your move is a little passive, but in reality, what else is there to recommend? You are supporting the center with your move and allowing your f1-bishop to develop. Let's admit: It does look slightly awkward, but at this stage, there is nothing black can do about it.

    2. On your 10th move, I agree. Exchanging the bishop for the knight would have been better.

    3. On your 12th move, it is clear that you don't have a plan. In positions like this one, you should have a plan because that would mean you know what you are doing. When you pick a plan, make sure to analyze it instead of blindly going with it because your opponent also has a plan and you have to know how to counter your opponents' plans. There are two different moves that I would suggest in this position: Kb1 and h4. Here is a diagram to help explain:

    4. On your 17th move, I would have preferred 17. Kb1 because black's pawns are quite close and making the move now seems better.

    5. On your opponent's 17th move, I think 17... b4 is stronger. It allows the queen to go to a4 next turn and still lets the attack go on full steam. The pawns are coming down like raindrops and white is having trouble surviving.

    6. Your opponent missed the only chance to keep himself alive. On move 18, a more accurate move would have been 18... b4. Black needs to continue his attack at full steam and hope that the attack will eventually smash through:

    7. All moves you list on move 20 including the move played are all candidates

    8. On move 23, I don't understand why you are criticizing your move. Your move is fine, but a safer move would have been 23. b3 and that shuts down a lot of black's attack.

    9. On move 24, you are panicking and thinking that eventually you will be forced to succumb if you sit tight, but you need to wait until black does something, because advancing a pawn in front of your king is only aiding black. Better is 24. hxg6 f5 25. Qd1 which is threatening to exchange queens by playing c3. If black advances their pawn, there are no worries.

    10. Your opponent, yet again missed a chance, which was 26... b2. This would have saved him because now the threats are too hard to cope with.

    11. On move 28, your opponent made your advantage explode after playing fxg6. Your opponent should have kept the position closed as much as possible. Your opponent should have played 28... f5, but your advantage would still be overwhelming.

    12. For move 30, you put your side variation. After what you put, your opponent would be forced to simplify the position even more. 32... Rxh5 33. Rxe7 Rxh1+ and you would continue making your advantage climb.

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    achaios13(2008) vs bendzsa12(2084)

    live chess standard


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    You make several assumptions in the deadly combination of black which are imho incorrect. You could have answered differently.

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    This sacrafical game style is new to me as this the first game I've played it.

    In this game I neglect a couple threats on my king side to develop a stong attack on Black's King Side Defenses.

    Usually I'm on the other side defending the attacks and coping with being down in development.  Black takes a material advantatge which is a more difficult advantage for me to overcome.

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