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And Yet MORE Silly Rules In Chess lol

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #381


    Some threads are just silly and some threads are funny, so what should we call a thread entitled " Is Fartingf Allowed During Tournament Games ? ".

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    And still they keep on coming ! I just saw the " Is Farting a Tactic ? " thread, good grief what is next ?

  • 4 weeks ago · Quote · #383


    Perhaps another silly thread: " Do Americans really see Bobby as one of the greatest Players ? ". Well of course Fischer was one of the greatest of all time, becoming World Champion in 1972 ( yes indeed he was Champ of this entire planet ). Needless to say he left a lot to be desired as a person but no matter what else he did after 1972 he will forever be on that rather short list of World Champs. 

  • 2 weeks ago · Quote · #384


    So the other day I saw a thread here entitled " Quality of Topics is in Decline ". Needless to say I am now WAITING ! Yes I imagine that the creator on that thread ( plus his or her friends ) will now be starting some very very very HIGH quality threads here ( Right ??? ). 

  • 14 days ago · Quote · #385


    Speaking of interesting threads there is one here now that is entitled " Last one to post is the Biggest Idiot on Chess.com " ( boy that title speaks for itself  lol ).

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