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Chess and the Mind

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    It has occurred to me that when I'm thinking in my head, even about the moves and pieces, I lose a majority of my chess games. However when my mind is empty and just stare blankly at the board without thoughts, I can't seem to lose a single game. 

    So I guess that's my technique to use the mind at its potential and with concentration, Do you do anything special?

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    Intuition, the ability to see good moves, is important in chess. But eventually you need to develop the ability to take that intuitive move, calculate the forcing moves that follow, and evaluate the resulting position. 

    If thinking about the game causes you to make bad moves, you'd best figure out what was wrong with your thinking and correct that rather then give up at thinking.

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    You must be controlled by some puppet master! Thinking "in your head" is healthy, don't give it up.

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