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Developing Ability to win at Chess ~~ Generating Mindfulness & Compassion

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    It should be common knowledge among chess players that "... playing 'hope chess' is losing chess."


    I agree wwith IM Jeremy Silman when he points out that chess is all patterns. In order to become a master one must learn these patterns, and the only way to do this is through rigorous daily training, going through hundreds of thousands of  master games quickly on a real board, studying masters' annotations slowly, and simply matching yourself against stronger and stronger opponents all the time instead of being a "... big fish in a small pond...."


    I believe all areas of philosophy help to maintain this level of discipline, so The Buddha's teachings apply here as they do in all aspects of life.

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    So what is there to do?
    please take < 3 minutes to listen

    just listen and breathe.

    That's it.

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    Whatever we do,must make us better human beings! In that sense, I believe Buddha,Jesus,Krishna are all relevant to Chess!

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    Can they help my endgame?

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    Consider joining the group Open Discussion and see all the Forums there waiting for you to post your wisdom.

    I am here because I really believe that chess players are the last hope for humanity. Who else has the problem solving skills to do it?

    Who else has the Will to do it, since all chess players in the world can agree that the number one goal is to make sure we have safe places for a chess table?
    GENS UNA SUMUS ... slogan of F.I.D.E.

    View this and learn how one man answers all:

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    We sat on the brink of global nuclear annihilation for over 50 years. War and struggle and idiocy are constant features of human existence and always will be. The idea that somehow this set of idiot activities is more likely to start WW III than all the crap that came before is hard to swallow.

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    I am now listening again to A Crack in Samsara.
    Let me invite you to share what you are feeling while you listen.


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     i can see that you are a stronger chess player than myself. the statement about objective thought ok i suppose that goes along with generateing mindfullness. when a chess player is locked in a game compassion is far from my mind i think that is understood. I do have passion for the game and compassion for other chessplayers. the buddha thing i do not understand please explain.

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    Hey learningcoach, I don't know if it's something that would interest you but www.headspace.com is a really good website for learning to meditate and increase mindfulness. I highly recommend it!

    The sessions are led by an English guy who became a Buddhist monk, but they are delivered in a secular way. 

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    I'm terribly amazed that not one of you used the term "Grok" as fashioned by Heinlien in "Stranger in a Strange Land" and which epitomizes the state of actions based upon empathic understanding!  C'mon now!  It's even in the latest dictionaries!

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    Yet more paranoid conspiracy meta-theories. Sad.

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