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Do you calculate a lot?

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    If you're playing a 20 minute game, yes, it's too long.

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    DavyWilliams wrote:

    What was the topic?  Oh yes, calculating. . . at my level, if i take more than 15 minutes, is that too long normally?  Does that mean I should do more tactics?  

    Yes obviously if its a 20 minute game its too long.  In a long game, i.e 90/60 or longer, 20 minutes isnt too long but you have to pick and choose when you take time.  You should not be taking 20 minutes to make what is an obvious move like recapturing a piece, or in the opening where you have 3 candidate moves and they are all reasonable.  You should be taking time when you have a position that requires you to calculate multiple variations because if you move quickly in a position like this you can easily miss a threat.

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