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ending my relationship due to chess

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #81


    returnofxpchesser wrote:

    to focus on chess more. is this a good Idea? it seems that everytime i want to play chess for atleast study it my girlfriend gets in the way. Im sorry i like chess and i feel my gf is getting in the way.

    me and my girlfriend has been fighting alot besides me playing chess. for example ever since she moved away she has not made any effort to talk to me or keep in contact with me and if i do it seems like a bother for her to talk to me.

    I think you'll never be that good at chess to be forced to sacrifice you real life for a board game. 

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    DavidChCh wrote:

    You really don't need any citation to prove common knowledge iron tiger (...)

    Except that "common knowledge" being most often the result of prejudice accumulated during years of uncritical thinking, if you cannot justify it a posteriori, you should probably drop it.

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