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Gelfand defeats Anand in game 7

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    Boris Gelfand defeated Vishy Anand in 38 moves in game 7 of the world championship in Moscow.  The first 6 games were drawn.  Gelfand had White.  The opening was a Slav.  Gelfand won a piece and threatened mate.  Five more games to go.

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    It would be disasterous for chess if Gelfand wins the Championship! :-(

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    can someone post the games, i missed it, GO GELFAND,

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    if 38...e1=Q, then 39.Ng6+ Kg8 40.Rg7 mate
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    It was a good game I hope gelfand wins the championship

    8th game anand won in 18 moves

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    It was very unusual of Vishy to have missed to understand the ending game moves of Borris - developing knights and Rook in rows 5 and 7. 

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    anand world champion again

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    Both classical wins, one by each, were flawed games.  This isn't so uncommon in WC matches because of the pressure.  Anand retained his title easily in the rapid chess tiebreaks, but the match didn't impress anyone.

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