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How Hard Is Chess, Really?

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    nameno1had wrote:
    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    LAZARE82 wrote:

    I just read the post about checkers,

    I did not realise there were that many possibilities loll.

    But still ,,, less than chess

    He indeed did say it was less than chess. I read it was 50, and sometimes up to 200 computers working night, and day for 18 years to finally solve checkers. They say chess probably has at least 40 more zeros for possible moves than checkers. Still, nobody could ever memorize even a significant fraction of the possible checkers moves.

    If you missed my apology earlier, I felt I owed it to you to say it again and include a few facts for why. I had gotten GO and Reversi confused. I blundered bad. I wanted to tell you that I don't know enough about GO to corroborate your opinion as factual in my opinion, but I did try it once and realized it was involved enough that I decided, instead of trying to get good at it, I would rather stick to chess. I already knew much more about it.

    I don't know much about Go at all, but since the board has more squares than chess, there's more possible moves. There's a game called Campaigning for Northern Africa, that's supposed to be harder than hell too.

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    Chess is really hard. Specially when a sore losser oponent whips you with it.

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    Tiddlywinks?  What?  Never heard of that until now.

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    DimebagDerek wrote:

    You guys have convinced me, I shall check out Go!  I wasn't even aware of Shogi until I watched anime.  I will check it out also.

    I tried playing Shogi before. It took much longer for me to improve than chess.

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    for one thing for sure, it'S hard to answer you r question

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    VULPES_VULPES wrote:
    rupert2112 wrote:

    I wouldn't call Go or Chess harder than the other, the level of difficulty depends on the opponent.  Although playing Go with a three year old, and simply keeping the toddler from eating the pieces, is the most stressful game in existance.  

    Like I mentioned before, it's the fault of misused words. The word OP is looking for is "complicated".

    Complexity is relative, the nature of chess leads to stategy and calculation. 

    Simply because there are more options does not make a situation more complicated. 

    Computers are better at Chess than Go because of the nature of how a computer operates. 

    Could a computer discern which is better, Coke or Pepsi?  Or to explain the beauty of a Van Goh compared to a sketch by a preschooler on the fridge?  Questions equally impossible to calculate, although there is a disparity in the, level of difficulty. 

    Go is more a game of strategy, quite visceral, visual and simply does not lend to cold, deliberate calculation.

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    Van Gogh... Sorry Vincent...

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    That's what I thought too. I figured that explanation made more sense. I just needed someone to remind me of that.

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