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How to get really good at Chess?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #21


    pdve wrote:

    i know that studying endgames is the proper way to study chess, but unfortunately for people who play blitz, it is completely useless knowledge. a knowledge of openings and tactics and traps is far more useful.

    i know blitz is not chess, just a variant, but endgame knowledge does not come useful in blitz. that is the truth.

    (the reason why my endgame abilities can be beaten by a monkey is explained above...) I'm getting better though! ^^

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    Most of a biginer's game are decided by big blunders so knowing end game beyond check mate by Q+R , R+R , K+R is not that neccessary. But as your strength increases lesser number of games are decided by out-right blunders then you start to feel that end game knowledge gives you an extra dimension, a new way of thinking when you can try to win with just one extra pawn or with just some positional plus.

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    i started my love for chess playing blitz games... lots of of them! i found playing lots of games and then analyzing them helped a lot. after like 3 months my rating on 30minuet games improved 

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