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knights and bishops

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    red-lady wrote:

    When you see the words knight and bishop in the same sentence... You feel like there is nothing more to say, right? 

    That which ought to have been said on the subject has been said already.  That which has not, ought not.

    Neither Knight nor Bishop can be their best unless they've got Room to Move . . .


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    a well posted knight on square of opposite color to the bishop can beat a bishop. a bishop with open diagnols with pawns on both sides of the board can beat a knight and so on. there is no clear answer.

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    I'm kinda new to blitz chess. I've noticed that people go out of their way to exchange bishops for knights. Even if it means weakening their position. I almost never see it go the other way around. Is there some innate advantage to having a knight in blitz games? If not why so many trades?

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    srikanth_narahari wrote:
    goldendog wrote:

    a knight can beat a bishop anytime. there looser's.

    I see, winner.

    In that position the knight does beat the bishop. After the bishop captures the queen, the knight then captures the bishop.

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