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Member Points?!? This is Important!

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #141


    benedictus wrote:

    Are you allowed to post something with the sole purpose of hovering the mouse over your picture to see how many points you have?

    you can check your member points on the "About Me" section on your profile.

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  • 21 months ago · Quote · #143


    Complaining about points is so so childish...

  • 16 months ago · Quote · #144


    very good idea!!!

  • 16 months ago · Quote · #145


    what can one do with those points ?

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  • 13 months ago · Quote · #147


    Am I going to get points if I posted this?

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #148


    AND THE POINT IS  ???   Point Given  =  Point Taken    Can't any bodies see that?    You know, sort of like a game of chess I guess. I just came came here to find out what the points were for, if they were any good for anything & if so how to get more. Came here for answers. Just hatched more questions. WHAT, WHAT, HOW, WHERE & NOW WHY...WOW!!! This egg is hard to candle! Anyways...There is one thing for sure & that is that CHESS RULES!!!   p.s. Good question "jimbales

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #149


    I may have missed the point here Cool

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #150


    The point is the point.

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #151


    Touché, puzzle solved BishopTARDIS :)

  • 7 months ago · Quote · #152


    what is th euse of this points and in which basis they are calculating.....

  • 6 months ago · Quote · #153


    How, other than posting comments here, do you get points? After a brief search I am unable to figure it out.

    I click on my (very few) points and get to a page where I expected it would show how I got them.  But it does not show anything.  

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  • 4 months ago · Quote · #154


    So you get a point each time you post something? That's just silly.

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