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Should people STOP making STUPID threads ??

  • 24 months ago · #941


    bjohn123 wrote:

    I don't know! I don't care!

    Hey John would you like to play a game?

  • 24 months ago · #942


    It's a trick!

  • 24 months ago · #943


    BigOto wrote:

    For those who wish to join:


    Please remember that ANY content that violates the group TOS will be removed, and you will be banned and blocked by me.

    Is this advertising ..SPAM .. Please stick to the topic... stupid !

  • 24 months ago · #944


    pelly13 wrote:
    winerkleiner schreef:

    Is there anyone here that you like Hessmess?

    Is there anyone here that likes you Hessmess?

    I like him Kiss

  • 24 months ago · #945


    bjohn123 wrote:

    I don't know! I don't care!

    Don't give up :)

  • 24 months ago · #946


    HessianWarrior wrote:

    Ziryab wrote:

    HessianWarrior wrote:

    pelly13 wrote:

    Another gunfight at a Nevada school today. Where you that frustrated DogFace ? Nice country you live in and such nice people.

    Go to bed Dung Heap, get up in the morning, get your facts straight about a shooting and then contemplate about all the people trying to sneak into or immigrate to my country.

    I love to trash you but I would never trash your country, or any one elses. You are a small pathetic slug.

    You should update your database of border crossings. In recent years the migration has been towards Mexico.

    Eleven million or so already here from everywhere; there is no mass exodus that will bring that to zero in the next 50 years pal.

    Actually, the number is 311 million. Only a bit over two million in the US are actually from here.

  • 24 months ago · #947


    kayak21 wrote:
    kayak21 wrote:
    kayak21 wrote:
    kayak21 wrote:
    ConnorMacleod_151 wrote:

    ffs ... let's stick to the topic.

    Sorry Connor, but I didn't start this, it was Spartanmouse or whatever his name is.

    If the implication you're making is that I started this, wow, the wit... you almost made me laugh for once.  I know there are some people here who hate me because they think I made them or one of their obsessive troll associates look like idiots.  To them I must say: you are Wrong, they were doing a great job of that before I came along; I simply accelerated the process.  Are we having fun yet?

    So glad I brought a smile to your otherwise permanently miserable face. I might even go so far as to send you a friend request to see if I can't push you over the edge into hysterics.    Yes, having fun, lots of. 

    You think I'm miserable?  HA!  That's called projection.  I used to have friends like you but no longer.  I have enough women winking at me in the real world that I don't really appreciate it on the internet from the likes of you.  If you're having loads of fun I'm guessing it's because you served me so well by being a catalyst for the acceleration process (anyone with insight into the details knows this to be true), thanks and well done.  Would you like to have more fun?

    Oh Sparty, if that was a proposal I'll have to say no.  wink!  haha!

    Hey Sparty, you stopped talking because I turned down your proposal. If you're bored with parrot talk you're welcome to try your hand on my thread, Guess Who? I promise not to pick on you. 

    kayak21 I won't read your threads even if someone holds a pistol to my head and tells me the only way for me to avoid getting shot is to read your thread.  The only way someone could get me to read your threads would be to pay me about seven figures.  I'm done wasting my time on anything you write.

    With all due respect you seem miserable because you've accepted the fact that you'll never have a good relationship or even a... satisfying one.  Well....

    You're probably right.  

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