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What is this opening called?

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    On the other hand,Snowy,you do need to know how to get out of the opening without having met with disaster.So yes,you do need to  know some opening theory of whichever openings you choose to play ,and those you are likely to meet.But you are right in regards to studying opens sans anything else won't get one very far.

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    Well, the vast majority of "disaster" that people get in to during the opening is missing simple tactics. Other times it's neglecting opening principles in favor of material gain (eg, a queen dashing about to grab a b pawn). You don't need to know "theory" to avoid that stuff - you need to understand chess. 

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    ...partially correct.

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    its called the two stooges

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    Is that a bullet game? I've had a bullet game before where my opponent just put out all his pawns on the 3rd rank and did time burners the whole game.

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