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your favourite for tatasteel chess tornament anand,carlsen ,sergey or some other

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    Rasparovov wrote:
    gridironassassin wrote:
    Rasparovov wrote:
    gridironassassin wrote:

    Anand doesn't need to win Carlson now. As long as Anand defends his title, he'll go down in history as the best player to ever play. He may have to defend for a few years, but eventually the number of years he is champion will be recognized as the greatest acheivement ever in chess.

    Lol what a joke. Anand is nowhere near being "The best player to ever play".

    4 straight world championships and the current world champion is where Viswanathan Anand is sitting right now. You've probably never seen a game like the way he destroyed Aronian with the black pieces in this tatasteel tournament.  Say it out loud, "Anand is the best player to ever play!" 

    Oh I've seen alot of games and that game against Aronian was indeed very good but it was a lot of opening preparation. 
    "Anand is not the best player to ever play!" 

    The rook ending by Viswanathan Anand that clinched 1st place in the Grenke tournament was of world class championship level.   How many times must Anand win and how many championships must he win to be rightly recognized as the world's greatest chess player? Will you now concede that Anand is the greatest chess player of all time?

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