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board won't show in email chess

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    Since I play here and I am premiummemeber I cant play any games again computer. I tried Firefox and now Chrome, both dont work. I tried to reinstall Java, doestn work. Pressing Control+R doestn work.


    Here are my information:


    1) what browser/version are you using? 

    Browser  Chrome
    Fullversion  32.0.1700.102

    2) SessionCookies? = true or false

    SessionCookies  True

    3) JavaScriptEnabled? = true or false 

    JavaScriptEnabled  True

    4) Firewall? = true or false 

    Firewall  False

    5) Width/height = (numbers)

    Width  1366
    WidthAvail  1366
    Height  768
    HeightAvail  643

    6) Broadband? = true or false 

    Broadband  True

    7) Platform (OS) = (win, mac, etc)

    OSName  Windows
    OSVersion  6.1
    OSDetails  Windows 7
    OSBitSize  32 bits



    Please help!!!



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    i'm having a slightly different problem. my primary method of accessing web is via smartphone, and live chess works fine but when I play correspondence I can only see an expanded version of the left-hand side of my board. I can't zoom out or even pan.

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