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Letting time run out vs resigning

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    Rossmeister, just in case, wanted to let you know mzg2001 is not me. I would not make comments like that. 

    Move clocks do change the game and they should be an option, i.e., you can choose an x minute move clock and only match up to players who have opted to play with a move clock.

    This is online chess, not tournament chess. We all have lives to live and it's really hard to save the world when your sitting in front screen that never moves.

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    +1 for Mattymar's idea of a "presence check". May be better than a move clock since it does not change the game. At least the afker would have to return periodically.

    Keep it simple though, no weighing material differences, just pop-up an alert after 5 minutes of inactivity then give them one minute to respond. And let the other player know they have responded.

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    I_Am_Second wrote:
    mcgilvra wrote:

    We need a move clock. I play 30 minute games and on other chess sites they have a 5 min move clock. If you don't make a move in 5 minutes you are auto-resigned. There is a move clock dislayed with the gme clock and it changes color when you have 90 seconds left, to alert you. It is a very fair and much less frustrating way to play.

    Why should anyone be forced to make a move within a certain time period?  You sign up to play a 30 minute game, your opponent has a right to use his time as they see fit.  You dont have rediculous rules like this in OTB play, so why in online play?

    Should Holt get penalized a loss because he took 50 minutes to make a move?

    We don't have rules like this in OTB play because, in general, we don't have ridiculous BEHAVIOR like this in OTB play.  In a 30 minute game, in person against a live opponent and in front of live spectators, who is going to let the clock run out and force their opponent to wait in a clearly lost position?

    In online play, this social pressure to not be a jerk is not there.  Chess.com, as a privately run business, is thus choosing to take steps to discourage people from being jerks.  Good for them. 

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    WTF! This subject was posted 4 years ago!

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    Bad lag on this site.

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    Not a lag, I was new to chess.com and looked through the posts before starting a new thread. This one seemed relevant so I posted here.

    capnpaco nailed it, basically saying online chess requires some controls not needed n OTB play to make it enjoyable for us who actually want to play. The thing is chess.com is not doing enough to discourage jerks. They say that repeated bad behavior will result in sanctions but we still have a lot of bad behavior so we need something more immediate. We need an optional move clock and/or a presence check as suggested by Mattymar.

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    Why don't you just arm us to mete out instant justice?

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    Would if I could kaynight.

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    Shoudn't timing out be counted as a loss,otherwise any one losing a game could just abandon it and not lose any points. Have I uncovered a loophole in the scoring? I usually play 3 day games and many were abandoned after a few moves

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