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Premove capability for mobile app

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #1


    Is there any way we can get premoves for the mobile apps? I've lost a lot of easy mates and mates in one because every move on a phone takes at least one second, and I can't premove the necessary moves. (I mainly play blitz.) This is really frustrating, and premove capability seems fairly easy to implement. Any chance?

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #2


    I would like this same question answered. I was in the 1300s on blitz and started to lose a lot of games because I think players above that level likely all know premove. You simply can't compete without it.

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #3


    I would like to see this feature too. I usually only play on my mobile when I'm traveling by public transportation, but then I don't have the time to play anything besides blitz usually and even in 15|2 games I often run out of time in winning positions because I can't make the finishing moves fast enough. A lot of time is used making sure you've selected the correct square because it's easy to misclick with butterfingers on a small screen so this really would safe a lot of time to win won games (and also during the opening where you can pre-retake often).

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  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #5


    Can we get some answer?

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    I've been waiting for this feature for like forever. It seems like it should be an easy enough feature to ad

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    android has premove for live chess (you must enable it in the settings - it's too weird for new players to have ON by default :D)

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