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Chess.com: May I have a Request please?

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    Thank you for spend your time post your comment while you being on holiday. That's fine kohai, as long we know the reason why couldn't us able have this feature. We was asking because tournament have this option but why not individual? After your explaination we now clear.

    I agree lot of nasty people around in this site, lol...thank you once again kohai :)

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    I also thank you for your consideration an response.  For a bit more consideration

    1) if the implementation of the functionality was limited to SAs only, then you would certainly reduce misuse to a minimum of cases

    2) if then an SA misused, you can kick them off the site in the same way i assume you deal with members who abuse, attack, nastisize others.

    I am thankful that you allow me to delete nasty notes from my page, since i have had several players cuss me out for not replying to their game chat, or not accepting a re-challenge.


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    Thanks dear iONE. We support you and request the officials of Chess.com to realize this rational willing.Cool

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    Thanks yasharchessplayer, as you heard what kohai said and it is understandable why chess.com have this decision. However, I think schachnight suggestion not bad either, hopefully chess.com could think of a best way for us who are not misused & serious working for the groups leaders :)

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    KOHAI - Could it perhaps be a feature for PREMIUM paying members? People who financially support the site would be less likely to abuse. I would be willing to volunteer my time to approve all trophys submitted prior to them going live, if this is what it would take.

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