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Chess.com: May I have a Request please?

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    Thanks yasharchessplayer, as you heard what kohai said and it is understandable why chess.com have this decision. However, I think schachnight suggestion not bad either, hopefully chess.com could think of a best way for us who are not misused & serious working for the groups leaders :)

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    KOHAI - Could it perhaps be a feature for PREMIUM paying members? People who financially support the site would be less likely to abuse. I would be willing to volunteer my time to approve all trophys submitted prior to them going live, if this is what it would take.

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    kohai wrote:

    While it is a great idea and one that has been asked for a few time over the past years it isn't something we'd look at adding because of the level of abuse and the ways something like this could be abused.

    I know personally there are a huge amount of members on the site who would use this feature for how its meant, but on the down side it is sadly a feature we all know will be badly abused where people upload nasty images as trophies to attack, harass and abuse others.

    I know it isn't fair on those who would use the feature properly and it sucks, but I'm sure you're all aware of the amount of abuse that gets posted so its not hard to see how something like this would end up being used for - which does suck, but there are a lot of nasty people around.

    Its a little too much of a pandora's box adding a feature like this to the site sorry :(

    While I understand your reasons, isn't it worth the try though? Implementing the feature itself is probably not a lot of work. For all I know you used a 3rd party module for the trophy system and just disabled custom uploads.

    How to tackle the abuse: When receiving a new CUSTOM trophy, put a report button below. And when people are uploading their custom stuff clearly warn them that innapropriate content WILL get them banned. Another obvious way to reduce abuse is only letting letting people with X amount of games use custom material. Or you could milk that premium membership cow and only let premium users use custom content (please don't).

    Really the benefits of the happy members outweigh the "downside" here. The downside is VERY managable. And if you're worried about "mean satiric comments" then the current system already supports that, just with default images. I really don't think the arguments you offer truly justify not having the custom trophy feature. 

    In all honesty, and I don't want to sound presumptuous, it's more like you guys got a running bussines and want to do the absolute minimum amount of effort to keep it going. Why put effort/resources into new features when your users are already paying for your content anyway, right? 

    I hope you guys can reconsider the decision. 

    Kind regards!

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    Very well said ZeeSteen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & hopefully they can reconsider the decision!

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