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Mnemosyne 1500-1700

Clash Of The Titans Won the Match!
  • Game Type: Standard Chess   Registration Open: Jul 1, 2013
    Players Per Team: 4   Finished On: Oct 24, 2013
    Days per Move: 3 days   Rated: Yes
    Rating Range: 1500 - 1700  
    Starting Position: Standard
    1 simultaneous game

    Mnemosyne was the goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventor of language and words. She was also a goddess of time, and represented the rote memorization that was required before the invention of writing, to preserve the stories of history and the sagas of myth. She was represented as the mother of the muses. She also presided over the underground oracle of Trophonios in Boiotia.

#   Clash Of The Titans    Chess School   
1 karamach (1930) 2View | View0 pdorsey (1679)
2 Ninja4Hanzo (1781) 1View | View1 dennism1025 (1671)
3 piotozz (1547) 2View | View0 chinnu1824 (1588)
4 codiferis (1767) 1.5View | View0.5 Alexandra9 (1570)
WINNER!= 6.5 = 1.5


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