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Mechanics' Womens Club
This is for all the female players of the Mechanics' Institute. Please, include your full name when request to join!
Egyptian Chess Masters
This is the group representing Egyptian Chess Masters . We are new team that will be future #1 team. We are proud of being our Nationality !!!
The End Times Generation
If you are a Christian, looking for hope in this tarnished generation, please apply to join!! Jesus loves you! (: When applying to join, please sh...
Lucky Group
Willkommen in der Lucky Group, dem drittgrößten Club in Deutschland auf! Kurz und knackig was wir zu bieten haben: Fernschachturniere, ...
Montana Chess Association
This club is open to Montana chess players. Please request membership with your city of residence. Players outside Montana who have played in Monta...
Team Colorado
For members who live in or have direct ties to Colorado. If you'd like to join Team Colorado, when you submit your request let us know what your ti...
Tunisia Chess Team
Tunisia Chess Team: The official representative of The World League. Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like to improve yo...
Knockout Team Match League (KTML) has been created with one sole and unique goal: To determine which Non-National group has the BEST match-fighting...
Hermandad de ajedrez
ATTENTION: We do not accept cowards or weak people, only people who want to winrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and have a ...
Scuola Italiana di scacchi
Gruppo in cui si raccolgono le lezioni gratuite: da principiante a terza categoria nazionale. Corso di scacchi e molto altro Le richieste di iscri...
722 - Magyar
Üdvözöl a magyar csapata!A - Magyar klub egy magyar nyelvű csoport az oldal magyar látogatóinak.  Barátkozz olyanokkal, akik os...
Vojvodina Tim
Dobrodošli u Vojvodina Tim! Tim pozitivne energije, dobrog druženja i odličnog šaha. U našem timu se redovno igraju "dnevne partije" protiv najja...
Federação de Xadrez do Paraná - FEXPAR
Participe do Clube no da Federação de Xadrez do Paraná. Fique ligado nos eventos on-line organizados pela FEXPAR. Nossos links: - Site...
The King Hunt
It's a club for Beginners to Advanced, so feel free to join. Participate our regular Live, Daily & Vote Chess matches and let's have fun with ...
First and Second Grade Chess
First and second grade students of PS42M.
Anna Muzychuk Fan Club
Anna Muzychuk (born February 28, 1990) is a Ukrainian chess grandmaster. She is the fourth woman, after Judit Polgar, Humpy Koneru and Hou Yifan, t...
ChessHouse Club
Клуб Шахматный дом теперь в! Тут проводятся игровые части онлайн-занятий, а также общие турниры, в которых могут играть все желающие! При...
Team Croatia
Dobrodošli u Team Croatia! Ovo je grupa koja predstavlja Hrvatsku na natjecanjima u Europskoj ligi, Svjetskoj ligi i Svjetskoj ligi Šah96...
Endless Void
Hello everyone, you are welcome to join this Club this is a chill and fun club we have 7 titled players in the club, and we do matches and more! S...
Chess Friends for Friends
Chess Friends for Friends is an online chess group for chess addicts. We do play thematic and open tournaments, feel free to join and to have fun. ...
Anna-Maja's Stroopwafels Club
The club of Anna-Maja Kazarian, who streams on! Join it for the latest updates and cool stuff like tournaments!
Team Brazil
O Team Brazil é o time oficial brasileiro nos campeonatos de Daily Matches (xadrez diário) da World League - WL e da Pan-American League - PAL na p...