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  • Phoenix United States 
  • Formed: Jan 4, 2012
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  • hi

    by alexandernb 4 weeks ago

  • Hey Alex :-)

    by KingLeopold 5 weeks ago

  • hey

    by alexandernb 5 weeks ago

  • Hay alexanderb

    by CADZE 5 weeks ago

  • i play in ascf tournaments

    by alexandernb 9 months ago

  • can i join the team

    by alexandernb 9 months ago

  • Thought I'd let the rest of you coaches know, I recently started posting my OTB games from rated tournaments, to blogs, on my home page. If anyone cares to review, please comment as you wish. My goal is to have them all posted soon.

    by Dman4chess 13 months ago

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