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Team South Africa Alt

  • South Africa 
  • Formed: Apr 17, 2010
  • This is the Alt group for team south africa so we can face CCC in team matches and vote chess games.

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  • lets have a match

    by 1Tster1 2 years ago

  • a lot of games played i see,,.,...,,.,..,,,..

    by enigma734 2 years ago

  • Hi, it's surely a good thing I am in this group, now RSA, let's show them how smart and passionate we are:)

    by Xmcp 3 years ago

  • Hi, please make it 3 days. We are not such a big group and may lose on time if some is on vacation

    by nico101rsa 6 years ago

  • Vote Chess challenge has been sent. We will be playing white.

    by bullshark 6 years ago