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The Ultimate Chess Legends

  • Scotland 
  • Formed: May 27, 2012
  • This is a group that aims to become the biggest and most competitive group on Chess.com! This is a very active group open to anybody up to the challenge! Also includes a group ladder for competition within the group.

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  • New super admin needed to help promote the group. As per chess.com rules super admins must be premium members.

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • Just waiting for 1-2 more people to join but I will lock the game tonight CET.

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • please lock this match admins of this group http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=165512

    by chessolite 2 years ago

  • I just finish some games, so I can register in this match. Please, could someone send to me the registration

    by JavierGracia 2 years ago

  • More people needed for the match against the gambit players as we will end up playing against people 300 points above us

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • Can any more people join the matches, especially against the gambit players?

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • I'll give it a go. The ladder, I mean.

    by Skinnymojo 2 years ago

  • Could I ask that any ladder players on the ladder leave the group that they tell me so I can remove them from the ladder. While on the subject anybody else want to join the ladder?

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • Anymore people want to join the ladder?

    by fjs96 2 years ago

  • Thanks for the invite

    by wjoseph48 2 years ago

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