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The under 1200 group

  • United States 
  • Formed: Sep 10, 2011
  • This group is strictly for player 1200 and under wanting to learn more about chess. There will be many beginner to intermediate puzzles,and learning topics on chess.There will be plenty of team matches for the under 1200 and vote chess for the higher rated players.Anyone is welcome to join thanks.

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  • good afternoon all!

    by ltristam 7 days ago

  • skyler, why are you leaving? too much excitement? LOL!

    by camiller0122 10 months ago

  • i am going to leave this group

    by skyler_kelly 20 months ago

  • would you guys like to play a vote chess match against my group, the u1200 masters?

    by KnightOfDaLivingDead 21 months ago

  • I have never sac'd a queen thus far though.

    by Lyndras 21 months ago

  • I almost never sac a queen unless it leads to checkmate or an unquestionable advantage in my favor.

    by Lyndras 21 months ago

  • can i be an admin?

    by husky123 21 months ago

  • Hello all! I have a question for you. When is it appropriate to sacrifice a queen? I really hate giving up my queen in any match, but I see some tactics use a queen sacrifice. Please advise. Thanks for your help and time.

    by robbiemusic85 2 years ago

  • Hi eveybody!

    by Drustan8 2 years ago

  • Sorry I can't join the 'Rookies' match as I'm a member of both teams. Good luck.

    by jimh2076 2 years ago